Wood Core + Balancer

MDF Core

SPC Core + Underlayment

At a glance, or even a touch, engineered floors are indistinguishable from their solid counterparts. Beneath the surface, though, advanced core options give them attributes that you wouldn’t typically associate with hardwood. They’re more resistant to seasonal and environmental changes, for instance, making them suitable for installation on any level of your home, and their increased structural integrity also allows for wider planks than most solid options, making it possible to achieve unique looks that feel more open and cohesive than you ever thought possible. Coupled with a durable finish and varied installation options, you’ve got all the elements for attractive flooring with a wide range of practical benefits—your everywhere hardwood choice.

Click-N-Step is the pre-applied adhesive flooring you want when straightforward installation is what you need—high quality, highly efficient, and now, available for engineered hardwood.

Extra-wide planks make for an extra-stunning look. Thanks to its sturdy build, engineered hardwood is sporting some of the widest widths around—in organic looks covering a whole range of popular species.

Unparalleled elegance pairs with premium craftsmanship to create the ultimate in exotic, luxurious flooring. When you want a floor as distinct as you are, the natural choice is Bellawood hardwood.

Thanks to AquaSeal water-resistant technology, these floors offer ample protection against everyday spills and splashes, making them an ideal option for installing bold, beautiful hardwood in areas of your home that are prone to messiness.

Feel like tackling installation yourself? Shop these DIY-friendly options and be amazed by how easy they’ll make your next project.

Patterns bring a whole new dimension of visual intrigue to flooring. Check these options out, and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

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