Butcher Block Oil & Conditioner

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Williamsburg Butcher Block Co. • 12 oz. Butcher Block Conditioner

SKU 10041480

Williamsburg Butcher Block Co. • 12 oz. Butcher Block Food Grade Mineral Oil

SKU 10025250


Butcher Block Oil & Conditioner

We know the lengths you go to create the ideal space. You choose the wood product that's best for you, combing through the smallest of details—species, color, shade, width, and more. With the butcher block oil products at LL Flooring, we ensure that the care and precision you put into selecting your surfaces carries over into their maintenance. These specially formulated products will help your butcher block products retain their look and function for as long as possible. With our food-grade natural oil and conditioner, you can rest assured that your surfaces:

-Remain rich and vibrant

-Are safe for direct food preparation 

-Are protected against drying and cracking

-Have a natural barrier to help protect against moisture and bacteria

-Gentle Care - Strong Protection

Just like any special piece, your butcher block deserves some daily tender care. Thankfully, our food-grade mineral oil makes it easy. After every wash, simply pour a little onto the surface and gently rub it into the wood with a cloth. This oil, formulated with vitamin E to extend the shelf life and help with absorption into the wood, helps keep your butcher block looking new by preventing it from drying out and cracking. Once absorbed into the wood, it can also inhibit the growth of bacteria. 

Like New for Longer

For even further protection and a rich look, our butcher block conditioner also contains natural beeswax and lemon oil. Bring out the natural beauty of the wood, while also protecting it from the impact of knives, minimizing marks, helping to prevent mold growth, and overall creating a natural barrier to combat contaminants and bacteria. Use weekly for a long-lasting like-new appearance and a refreshing citrus scent.

Your butcher block surfaces add to the warmth of your space and the ease of your everyday kitchen activities. Explore how the conditioning products available at LL Flooring can help your surfaces to help you for longer.

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