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For over thirty years, LL Flooring has been at the forefront of the flooring industry. We’ve used that knowledge to carve the quickest path to your perfect floor with our 123 Floor process.

  Find Your Material:

We’ve tailored our range of flooring to fit every lifestyle and space. Whether your home is a bustling hub of activity or a serene retreat, we have the perfect foundation to match your rooms and budget.

  2   Browse Your Style:

We have the colors, widths, patterns, and textures to match every taste. Browse our assortment to find what resonates with your unique aesthetic.

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Free samples will let you see how our floors complement your space’s lighting and decor, ensuring your final choice is one you’ll love for years to come.

  4   Install and Celebrate:

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast ready to tackle installation or you prefer the expertise of our professional installers, we’re here to support you through the finish line.

We invite you to explore our spring flooring catalog and embark on this exciting journey together.

Bellawood Shadow Valley Hickory Engineered Hardwood

medium brown engineered hardwood floor in kitchen with dark gray cabinets and island and seating with dark orange accent pillows

 Duravana Waterproof Hybrid Resilient



Crafted for resilience in the face of life’s unpredictable moments, and manufactured for real-life challenges, Duravana is a waterproof floor with hyper-realistic wood aesthetics that stands up to everything life throws its way.

• Dual Defense technology offers the ultimate waterproof protection

• Duravana provides our best resistance to dents and scratches

• A range of styles beautifully replicates the natural look of hardwood

Style Meets Substance


Discover the perfect balance of beauty and brawn with our vinyl flooring. Offering a wide range of styles, our vinyl floors are designed to withstand the rigors of daily life, making them ideal for every space in your home. Embrace strength without compromising on style.

• Strong and stylish

• Variety of wood and stone designs

• Suitable for every room

• Ideal for modern living

 ReNature by CoreLuxe



Innovative waterproof flooring that takes a step toward a brighter future. Born from a vision to redefine flooring with a commitment to more responsible practices, ReNature by CoreLuxe represents the pinnacle of style, performance, and mindful manufacturing.

• Mindfully manufactured with 25% recycled materials

• Supports a healthy home with hypoallergenic properties

• Kid- and Pet-Proof resilience to water, wear, and scratches

Practical Elegance for Active Homes


Ideal for the dynamic household, our waterproof laminate offers the perfect combination of style and practicality. With its resemblance to natural hardwood and stone, it’s a cost-effective and enduring choice for a lively home.

• Ideal for active homes

• Resembles natural hardwood and stone

• Budget-friendly and strong

• Stands up to pets, kids, and heavy foot traffic

Timeless Versatility Indoors and Out


Experience the classic versatility of tile in your home. Perfect for floors and walls, indoors and outdoors, our range of wood and stone looks brings natural beauty to every corner, with the strength to last.

• Versatile for indoor and outdoor use

• Strong and scratch-resistant

• Range of wood and stone looks

• Timeless and natural aesthetic

HGTV Dream Home Proud Sponsor

LL Flooring and HGTV® Dream Home: partners in style since 2007.
This sponsorship is a reflection of our  commitment to offer high-quality, trend right flooring that inspires and connects with our daily lives.




Create a legacy that spans generations with Bellawood, our premium line of solid and engineered hardwood. Each meticulously crafted plank embodies longevity, designed to endure and enhance the beauty of your home across the ages. 

• Crafted for longevity; a testament to timeless style and enduring quality

• Comes in a diverse range of authentic species, colors, and textures

• An investment in the lasting value and enduring appeal of your home

Influencer Raftyn Rignell with dog in bedroom with Bay Bridge Oak on floor

Raftyn Rignell
@rignellranch on Instagram, is a renowned
Interior Design-focused influencer

"It's beautiful and fits seamlessly with lots of styles"

After six years as a volleyball coach, Minnesota mom-of-three Raftyn Rignell stepped back from coaching in 2014 to focus on raising her young children. However, after showcasing her 1800’s farmhouse renovation for a 2019 Holiday Home Tour, Raftyn rediscovered her passion for interior design and launched an Instagram account to share her DIY projects. Drawing on her competitive spirit and background in sports management, Raftyn quickly grew her Instagram into a full-fledged career.

ReNature by CoreLuxe Porchlight Pine Waterproof Rigid Vinyl Plank

Alongside her husband Derek, Raftyn tackles major room-by-room renovations in their farmhouse, opting for classic, neutral styles. Considering budget and family needs, Raftyn’s DIY projects, like affordable wall paint makeovers, resonate with her growing audience. For more significant upgrades, Raftyn advises that new floors make a huge impact. Case in point? Her family cabin renovation, where she used our Duravana Bay Bridge Oak Hybrid Resilient Flooring:

“That’s why I went with LL Flooring’s Duravana Bay Bridge Oak Hybrid Resilient Flooring. Not only did it have a beautiful, textured oak finish, it has Dual Defense™ Waterproof  Technology and extreme resistance to water, dents and scratches - perfect for a cabin that gets heavy use from my family in all seasons! I also was able to easily install myself thanks to its Easy Click installation and LL Flooring’s great video tutorials on their website.”

Impressed by our flooring, Raftyn turned to LL once again when renovating her rental unit, selecting our ReNature by CoreLuxe Porchlight Pine Waterproof flooring: 

“It’s beautiful and fits seamlessly with lots of styles and colors of furniture, but also fits my rental property budget. Bonus: this floor supports a healthy home, made from  25% recycled materials!”

Duravana Bay Bridge Oak Waterproof Hybrid Resilient

Dog laying on Duravana Bay Bridge Oak in bedroom

Timeless Flooring Artistry


Experience the unrivaled authenticity of solid hardwood flooring. With its rich hues, unique textures, and natural warmth, solid hardwood elevates your home’s style to the pinnacle of elegance. Embrace the original, irreplaceable character that only genuine hardwood can provide.

• Unique grain patterns and tones

• Adds timeless artistry to homes

• Unparalleled authenticity

• Rich hues and natural textures

Engineered for Awesome


Engineered hardwood combines the natural allure of wood with enhanced strength and versatility. Perfect for any level of your home, it stands up to environmental changes while offering a range of installation options. Discover the unique beauty and practical benefits of engineered hardwood.

• Natural allure with enhanced performance

• Adapts to environmental changes

• Variety of installation options

• Timeless charm and modern strength

Distinctly Beautiful, Uniquely Yours


Discover the extraordinary beauty of exotic hardwood flooring. Known for their remarkable strength and unique aesthetics, our exotic hardwood collection offers a range of singular styles that will transform any space into a stunning showcase of natural artistry.

• Extraordinary strength and beauty

• Global sophistication for your home

• Unique styles for stunning spaces

• Unmatched aesthetics

Science Meets Style


Merging innovation with nature, our water-resistant engineered hardwood and bamboo flooring bring the warmth of real wood to unexpected places. Equipped with AquaSeal technology, these floors offer style and function, letting you enjoy the beauty of wood without the worry.

• AquaSeal technology for moisture protection

• Warmth and beauty of real wood

• Ideal for moisture-prone areas

• Stylish and worry-free

Complete your flooring project with precision

beige waterproof rigid vinyl plank floor in open concept living, dining and kitchen with beige sofa and caramel accent chair plus wood dining table with cream chairs and white kitchen cabinets with butcher block counters

Achieve excellence in your flooring project with the proper finish. Our selection of accessories offers everything you need for a customized room–quality underlayment for comfort, vapor barriers for protection, and exact-match moldings for that seamless look.

Bring Your Perfect Floor To Life

LL Flooring is here to guide you through the installation process, whether it’s through our network of professional installers or if you’d prefer to do it yourself. Once we complete your installation estimate, we can arrange for delivery and provide all the essential finishing touches—from molding to underlayment. And remember, your story doesn’t end with installation—we’re looking forward to seeing your transformed space, and we invite you to share your experience with us!

US map showing store locations across country

Visit us at one of over 400 stores nationwide, shop online, or call 800-227-4036 to speak with one of our flooring experts. 

little girl laying next to puppy on white carpeted floor

We have carpet covered, too!

Now offering a curated assortment in select locations.

person installing blonde floor


LL Flooring will help you grow your business. For over thirty years, we've been a trusted partner to Pros, offering a wide range of innovative flooring solutions. Sign up for a free Pro Account today to start getting Pro Benefits.

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