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Bruce, the best-selling solid hardwood in America, is now available at LL Flooring. Our exclusive collection of Bruce hardwood flooring offers a wide range of colors and styles, all backed by the brand Pros trust. 

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Why Choose Bruce?

Proudly Made in America

Bruce has been producing flooring right here in the United States for over 100 years. Most of the wood for these USA-made floors is harvested from the Appalachian Mountains, making Bruce our nation’s leading manufacturer of North American hardwood flooring.

Durable for a Lifetime

Each solid wood plank is coated with a multi-layer finish that provides impressive protection from everyday wear-and-tear. Bruce flooring resists daily wear so well, its backed by a 50-Year Residential Finish Warranty.

The Pros’ Choice

Bruce Hardwood flooring has been trusted by building industry professionals for generations. It’s the gold standard in long-lasting performance and durability. With flooring solutions for every-day life and outstanding warranties, choose the name Pros trust. 

Bruce Hardwood & Laminate Cleaner Refill


Bruce Hardwood & Laminate Cleaner Spray


Bruce Hardwood & Laminate Cleaning System Mop Kit

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$5.19 / Sqft

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$5.99 / Sqft

SKU 10050578

$5.99 / Sqft

SKU 10048407

$4.99 / Sqft

SKU 10048375

$5.99 / Sqft

SKU 10048379

$6.29 / Sqft
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SKU 10048411

$5.19 / Sqft

SKU 10048391

$5.99 $5.69 / Sqft

SKU 10052804

$10.99 $8.99 / Sqft

SKU 10048403

$6.29 / Sqft
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SKU 10048371

$4.99 / Sqft

SKU 10048387

$4.99 / Sqft

SKU 10052119


SKU 10052127


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