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Rock the Retro Look

2 min read
Published on June 06, 2022

Rock the Retro Look

You wear funky colors, love the throwback Instagram filters, and now you want that '70s groove to define your space. “Retro” is a trend that’s dominating the design and fashion world, especially among millennials who seem to be throwing a nod to their (or their parents’) childhoods. From bold patterns and bright colors to velvet furniture, shag rugs, and lava lamps, you can take your space back in time and make it fit right in today’s world at the same time.

What Is Retro Design?
You've likely heard the term “retro” thrown around quite a bit. Put simply, retro refers to design that imitates the design of past eras. The “past”, in this case, is generally defined as the 1950s to the '90s. Anything older tends to fall under “vintage” instead. The key to success is to take this inspiration but update it with contemporary design elements. This creates a nostalgic look that is still compatible with modern technology and trends.

Retro Doesn’t Mean Outdated
Examples of retro décor through the decades include the wood-paneled walls, big floral designs, and beaded curtain doorways from the '60s and '70s; the brass shelving and large, deep sofas of the '80s; and the indoor wicker furniture and sponge faux-finish walls from the '90s. For a truly authentic feel, choose materials that date to the decade that you're looking to recreate. Did you know that engineered hardwood was invented in the '60s? We recommend selecting a style with medium-width planks and a deep, warm tone to mimic the look that was popular then.

While you may want to turn your space into a time capsule, you also want to choose elements that give you the convenience of the current era. For instance, you can get the look of an '80s patterned carpet but with the easy cleaning of a hard-surface floor with our eye-catching patchwork laminate or geometric-patterned cork designs. Or why not create the look of a '70s parquet or herringbone floor, but with the simpler installation and added water resistance of modern laminate? To complete the look, don’t forget the houseplants. Hang a few from macramé hangers for a truly '70s vibe.

Get Your Groove On
The fun part of playing around with retro design is that there are so many colors, textures, and patterns to explore. Experiment with wallpaper, funky chairs, statement rugs, throws, and so much more. At LL Flooring we have a wide collection of flooring options that you can choose from to achieve your dream space. Whether you want to use our flooring as a backdrop for your retro elements or make them retro focal points themselves—for instance, with our chevron or herringbone designs—we have an option for you. Dress up our floor of the year Durvana Bay Bridge Oak waterproof hybrid resilient flooring with a shag rug and bold patterned furniture. Or consider our AquaSeal Copper Ridge Chestnut water-resistant laminate flooring that comes in a darker color—a common trend from past decades. With their modern technology, our flooring options can give you a retro look but with cutting-edge performance. Look out for waterproof, water-resistant, insulating, and DIY-installation-friendly features. Take a look at how LL Flooring can help you most effectively bring the past into the present and design your space just the way you want it.