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Bellawood Artisan Barcelona White Oak Engineered Hardwood Flooring
What goes into transforming a home into beach house style? Read LL Flooring's tips to…
CoreLuxe XD 5mm w/pad Ordesa Oak Rigid Vinyl Plank Flooring
Biophilic design offers a way to reconnect your interiors with the natural world. Let LL…
Avella 12 in. x 24 in. Graystone Travertine Porcelain Tile
Greek Chic: Update Your Home With Greek Revival Design
retro living room with vinyl plank flooring
Because of the aesthetic differences between decades, it’s hard to pick a single style…
Industrial-Style Flooring for Your Home
The industrial style of design embraces the repurposing of old, recycled, vintage, or…
Modern Design: The Birth of Simple Design
"modern" refers to an aesthetic inspired by early to mid-20th century trends.
Creating a Country Escape at Home
Explore the different types of country design that will make you feel most at home. 
Mid-Century Modern Design l LL Flooring
Mid-Century Modern is a classic American design style whose clean lines and futuristic…