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LLStyle Report: The Rise of the 'Hipstoric' Home. A Pinterest-Inspired Design Trend?

Pinterest Predicts has officially recognized this growing trend, with searches for "eclectic interior design vintage" skyrocketing by 850%

2 min read
Published on April 26, 2023

Home trends may be ever-changing, but there's one we hope will stick around: the hipstoric home. This design concept is all about creating unique, authentic spaces filled with distinctive, characterful pieces that are either thrifted or handed down through generations.

Pinterest Predicts has officially recognized this growing trend, with searches for "eclectic interior design vintage" skyrocketing by 850%, and "mixing modern and antique furniture" rising by 530%. So, how can you bring this hipstoric vibe to your own home?

The Heart of Hipstoric Design

The essence of the hipstoric home is personal expression through historical nostalgia. It's about breaking away from mass-produced, minimalist designs and embracing the unique charm of vintage decor, infused with quality and character.


a living room with hardwood flooring

Achieving the hipstoric look involves blending modern flooring and brightly colored walls with antique furniture, or using neutral walls as a backdrop for one-of-a-kind wall hangings or art pieces from local estate sales. It's also the perfect opportunity to showcase sentimental family heirlooms like high-quality wood furniture, mid-century lamps, or cherished photographs.

Celebrate your Home's Distinctive Features

Crown molding, dining room built-ins, or ornate fireplace mantels can all work together to give it that authentic hipstoric touch. (For more inspiration, check out this LL Style blog on preserving your home's character during renovation.)

The hipstoric home trend shares its roots with the popular "cottage-core" aesthetic, which channels the charm of the English countryside through well-worn vintage decor and fresh florals.

The Timeless Foundation: Hardwood Flooring

To create a balanced, hipstoric space without going overboard, it's essential to start with a timeless foundation, such as hardwood flooring. Hardwood effortlessly marries historic and modern sensibilities, making it an ideal choice for any decor theme or aesthetic.

For coastal homes, consider a distressed option like Rockaway Beach White Oak Engineered Hardwood, which complements light-neutral vintage furniture and pops of color.

If you prefer something lighter, Character Maple Solid Hardwood offers a classic look and fine graining, providing a smooth base for a maximalist hipstoric home.


a bedroom with hardwood flooring shows distinct style

Now that you're in the know, we hope this fresh perspective on hipstoric homes inspires you to embrace the look. We encourage you to dive in and transform your living space into a halcyon haven that reflects your personal taste and history, and you can discover the perfect foundation for that home renovation with our extensive range of stylish flooring options.


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