7mm+Pad Foggy Bottom Oak Hybrid Resilient Flooring
7mm+Pad Foggy Bottom Oak Hybrid Resilient Flooring
Duravana Layer Drawing
7mm+Pad Foggy Bottom Oak Hybrid Resilient Flooring
7mm+Pad Foggy Bottom Oak Hybrid Resilient Flooring
7mm+Pad Foggy Bottom Oak Hybrid Resilient Flooring
Duravana Layer Drawing
7mm+Pad Foggy Bottom Oak Hybrid Resilient Flooring
Duravana Installation Quick Tips Video with Josh Temple
Josh Temple Installs Duravana Hybrid Resilient
Duravana Hybrid Resilient Flooring Intro Video
7mm+Pad Foggy Bottom Oak Hybrid Resilient Flooring

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Duravana 7mm+pad Foggy Bottom Oak Waterproof Hybrid Resilient Flooring 7.56 in. Wide x 50.63 in. Long

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About Foggy Bottom Oak Hybrid Resilient Flooring

7mm+pad Foggy Bottom Oak Waterproof Hybrid Resilient Flooring 7.56 in. Wide x 50.63 in. Long

Lifetime Warranty

This smokey, or foggy-brown performance flooring has a luxurious appeal, with whispered hints of color and luminescence that could be drawn out with accents of décor and light. Foggy Bottom Oak is crafted to reveal the most realistic elements of hardwood, seen in darker grooves, swirls, and occasional split marks. Attached padding provides greater support, comfort, and insulation.

Authentic graining details provide the look and unmistakable texture of a hardwood floor, with impressive 7 in. wide planks. This stylish collection is eco-friendly and crafted for extreme toughness and waterproof performance. Dual Defense™ technology pairs a waterproof plank with an innovative locking mechanism to prevent liquids from seeping between planks, for unparalleled spill protection of your home or office floor.

- Dual Defense™ Waterproof Technology protects floor from spills and splashes
- Designed to replicate the color, grain, and texture of solid wood
- 2mm Attached Pad
- Pet-proof and kid-proof with extreme dent and scratch resistance
- Eco-friendly construction sourced from FSC certified forests, 100% PVC free
- Ultimate ease of cleaning: Planks can be wet mopped and even steamed mopped
- DIY friendly with Easy-Click installation
- Compatible with radiant heat floor warming
- Limited Lifetime Residential Warranty
- 25-year Light Commercial Warranty
- Exclusive to LL Flooring

About Hybrid Resilient
The future of flooring. Discover the power of hybrid performance floors. Delivered with premiere design and style, these hybrid floors combine the best characteristics of traditional hardwood and the latest technological innovation, in an eco-friendly product built for beauty and longevity.

Dual Defense™ technology protects your floors from everyday spills, splashes, and accidents. Waterproof planks are paired with a state-of-the-art locking mechanism designed to keep liquids from reaching the subfloor. And offering the same dent-resistance as premium engineered vinyl, the result is a world-class ‘pet-proof’ and ‘kid proof’ floor with stunning appeal.

Made with wood from certified responsibly-managed forests, Duravana Hybrid Resilient floors are stylish, eco-friendly floors with the incredible resilience and extreme water protection today’s families have been looking for.

Tranquility Ultra and CoreLuxe underlayments are recommended for use under Duravana flooring. These quality underlayments helps smooth out minor subfloor imperfections, provide moisture protection over wood subfloors and have added insulation and sound control properties.

For installations over concrete, these underlayments have limits and are not a substitute for a 6 mil polyethylene moisture barrier.

This floor is waterproof, however, moisture intrusions from concrete via hydrostatic pressure, flooding, or plumbing leaks, along with high levels of alkalinity, can affect floor coverings over time.

Moisture can also be trapped below the flooring and create mildew or mold.


  • Average Length
    info-icon What is Average Length?
    50.63 in.
  • Box Weight
    info-icon What is Box Weight?
    37.961 lb.
  • Boxes Per Pallet
    info-icon What is Boxes Per Pallet?
  • Maximum Plank Length
    info-icon What is Maximum Plank Length?
    50.63 in.
  • Minimum Plank Length
    info-icon What is Minimum Plank Length?
    50.63 in.
  • Overall Thickness (Actual)
    info-icon What is Overall Thickness (Actual)?
    7 mm
  • Overall Thickness (Nominal)
    info-icon What is Overall Thickness (Nominal)?
    7 mm
  • Pallet Weight
    info-icon What is Pallet Weight?
    1670.286 lb.
  • Total Per Pallet
    info-icon What is Total Per Pallet?
    1052.48 FT
  • Width
    info-icon What is Width?
    7.6 in.


  • Article Number
    info-icon What is Article Number?
  • Color
    info-icon What is Color?
    This is the tooltip for the Color Spec
  • Color Group
    info-icon What is Color Group?
  • Core Thickness
    info-icon What is Core Thickness?
    7 mm
  • Design or Layout Style
    info-icon What is Design or Layout Style?
    Straight Randomized
  • Edge Locking Type
    info-icon What is Edge Locking Type?
    Angle / Tap
  • Edge Profile
    info-icon What is Edge Profile?
  • Edge Type
    info-icon What is Edge Type?
  • Exterior
    info-icon What is Exterior?
  • Impact Insulation Class
    info-icon What is Impact Insulation Class?
  • Installation Areas
    info-icon What is Installation Areas?
    Dry Areas, Wet Areas
  • Installation Grade
    info-icon What is Installation Grade?
    Above Grade, On Grade, Below Grade
  • Installation Type
    info-icon What is Installation Type?
    Click, Angle Tap
  • Intended Usage
    info-icon What is Intended Usage?
    Residential Applications, Light Commercial Applications
  • Nominal Gloss Level (g.u.)
    info-icon What is Nominal Gloss Level (g.u.)?
  • Pad Attached
    info-icon What is Pad Attached?
  • Pad Recommended
    info-icon What is Pad Recommended?
  • Pad Type
    info-icon What is Pad Type?
  • Pattern Repeat Count
    info-icon What is Pattern Repeat Count?
  • Radiant Heat Compatible
    info-icon What is Radiant Heat Compatible?
  • Sample SKU
    info-icon What is Sample SKU?
  • Shade
    info-icon What is Shade?
  • Sound Transmission Class
    info-icon What is Sound Transmission Class?
  • Species Look
    info-icon What is Species Look?
  • Texture
    info-icon What is Texture?
    Authentic Graining (EIR)
  • Waste Allowance
    info-icon What is Waste Allowance?
    <=5 %
  • Water Relevance Level
    info-icon What is Water Relevance Level?
    Waterproof, Water Resistance
  • Wood or Stone Look
    info-icon What is Wood or Stone Look?
    Wood Look

Warranties & Certifications

  • Light Commercial Warranty
    info-icon What is Light Commercial Warranty?
    25 Year Warranty
  • Residential Warranty
    info-icon What is Residential Warranty?
    Lifetime Warranty
  • GreenguardGold Certification
    info-icon What is GreenguardGold Certification?

prop 65 warning This product can expose you to chemicals including wood dust, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. Drilling, sawing, sanding or machining wood products can expose you to wood dust. Avoid inhaling wood dust or use a dust mask or other safeguards for personal protection. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov/wood.

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