6mm+pad Loire Valley Oak Rigid Vinyl Plank
Rigid Vinyl Plank with Pad and SPC Core layer graphic showing individual layers of a floor
6mm+pad Loire Valley Oak Rigid Vinyl Plank
6mm+pad Loire Valley Oak Rigid Vinyl Plank
6mm+pad Loire Valley Oak Rigid Vinyl Plank
Rigid Vinyl Plank with Pad and SPC Core layer graphic showing individual layers of a floor
6mm+pad Loire Valley Oak Rigid Vinyl Plank
6mm+pad Loire Valley Oak Rigid Vinyl Plank
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CoreLuxe XD 6mm w/pad Loire Valley Oak Waterproof Rigid Vinyl Plank Flooring 7 in. Wide x 48 in. Long

4.7 out of 5 Customer Rating
SKU 10048765
$4.49 / Sq Ft $106.68 / box · covers 23.76 Sq Ft
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  • Waterproof vinyl planks resist water damage and provide a dependable construction for the long run.
  • The attached pad helps provide support for your floors and comfort for your feet.
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covers 23
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About Loire Valley Oak 6mm w/Pad

6mm w/pad Loire Valley Oak Waterproof Rigid Vinyl Plank Flooring 7 in. Wide x 48 in. Long

Lifetime Warranty

This vinyl flooring features a blend of gold and coffee tones that will complement many styles. Not only do these planks bring all the classic appeal of wood, but they also offer the advantages of vinyl flooring, including scratch resistance and easy maintenance. The subtle texturing adds to the natural oak look of these planks, creating an organic feel once they are installed. Their larger, 7-inch width provides uniformity for a clean and open feel across your whole space. 

The stone polymer core construction creates a stable foundation for busy households, and can be installed on any level of your home. These planks are also waterproof, making them ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and other high-moisture areas. Why not install this flooring across multiple rooms or levels to tie your interior design together?


The flooring comes ready to install with an insulating pad. The process is made even easier with quick-click installation. Once everything is complete, you can enjoy the security of a limited lifetime warranty for residential applications.

Remember that lighting makes all the difference! Your flooring, as a result, may look different in your home than it does online. Be sure to order free samples, then try them in your home at different points throughout the day to ensure you like the look!


In support of healthy home environments, Tranquility and CoreLuxe vinyl flooring are phthalate-safe.

Quick Installation Tip
This flooring is suitable for installation over Hydronic Radiant heating systems provided that the heating element is not in direct contact with the product. Because of the wide array of systems on the market, each with its own features and applications, it is recommended that the user consults with the heating provider for best practices and installation methods. It is the user's responsibility to confirm the suitability of any selected or existing radiant-heating system that will be used in conjunction with this flooring. Rugs placed over radiant heated flooring can increase the surface temperature in that area by 3°-5°F.


  • Article Number
    info-icon What is Article Number?
  • Acclimation Time
    info-icon What is Acclimation Time?
    24 hours
  • CARB Relevance
    info-icon What is CARB Relevance?
  • Color
    info-icon What is Color?
    This is the tooltip for the Color Spec
  • Color Group
    info-icon What is Color Group?
  • Design or Layout Style
    info-icon What is Design or Layout Style?
    Straight Randomized
  • Direct Print
    info-icon What is Direct Print?
  • Edge Locking Type
    info-icon What is Edge Locking Type?
    Angle / Tap
  • Edge Profile
    info-icon What is Edge Profile?
  • Exterior
    info-icon What is Exterior?
  • EVP High Density
    info-icon What is EVP High Density?
  • Installation Areas
    info-icon What is Installation Areas?
    Dry Areas, Wet Areas
  • Installation Grade
    info-icon What is Installation Grade?
    Above Grade, On Grade, Below Grade
  • Installation Type
    info-icon What is Installation Type?
  • Intended Usage
    info-icon What is Intended Usage?
    Residential Applications, Light Commercial Applications
  • Nominal Gloss Level (g.u.)
    info-icon What is Nominal Gloss Level (g.u.)?
  • Pad Attached
    info-icon What is Pad Attached?
  • Pad Recommended
    info-icon What is Pad Recommended?
  • Pad Type
    info-icon What is Pad Type?
  • Pattern
    info-icon What is Pattern?
    No Pattern
  • Pattern Repeat Count
    info-icon What is Pattern Repeat Count?
  • Radiant Heat Compatible
    info-icon What is Radiant Heat Compatible?
  • Sample SKU
    info-icon What is Sample SKU?
  • Shade
    info-icon What is Shade?
  • Species Look
    info-icon What is Species Look?
  • Texture
    info-icon What is Texture?
  • Waste Allowance
    info-icon What is Waste Allowance?
    <=5 %
  • Water Relevance Level
    info-icon What is Water Relevance Level?
  • Wear Layer Thickness Mils
    info-icon What is Wear Layer Thickness Mils?
    20 mils
  • Wood or Stone Look
    info-icon What is Wood or Stone Look?
    Wood Look


  • Average Length
    info-icon What is Average Length?
    48 in.
  • Box Weight
    info-icon What is Box Weight?
    52.343 lb.
  • Boxes Per Pallet
    info-icon What is Boxes Per Pallet?
  • Maximum Plank Length
    info-icon What is Maximum Plank Length?
    48 in.
  • Minimum Plank Length
    info-icon What is Minimum Plank Length?
    48 in.
  • Overall Thickness (Actual)
    info-icon What is Overall Thickness (Actual)?
    6 mm
  • Pallet Weight
    info-icon What is Pallet Weight?
    2093.731 lb.
  • Total Per Pallet
    info-icon What is Total Per Pallet?
    950.4 FT2
  • Width
    info-icon What is Width?
    7 in.

Warranties & Certifications

  • Heavy Commercial Warranty
    info-icon What is Heavy Commercial Warranty?
    5 Year Warranty
  • Light Commercial Warranty
    info-icon What is Light Commercial Warranty?
    10 Year Warranty
  • Residential Warranty
    info-icon What is Residential Warranty?
    Lifetime Warranty

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