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Buying Guide: Shop For Vinyl Flooring

Thinking of installing vinyl plank flooring at home? Read our essential guide and learn everything you need to know before you start browsing at LL Flooring.

4 min read
Published on May 19, 2022

What to Look for When You Shop Vinyl Flooring

Thinking of installing vinyl plank flooring at home? Read our essential guide and learn everything you need to know before you start browsing at LL Flooring.

Before you start to shop around for vinyl floors, you might ask yourself, exactly what is vinyl flooring? Vinyl floors are made from a composite of synthetic materials—usually a wood plastic or stone composite core topped with a vinyl plastic layer that is printed and sometimes embossed to give its attractive finished appearance.

At LL Flooring, we only carry stone composite core vinyl, as it is the most dent resistant option. This type of flooring generally comes in planks that mimic the look and feel of real hardwood but is also available in stone, marble, slate, and terrazzo-style finishes. As well as being cost-effective, sturdy, and waterproof, in most cases you can often install vinyl flooring without the help of a professional. So, if you enjoy DIY, it could be the product for you! In this guide, you'll learn everything there is to know about vinyl flooring—from vinyl types to installation and maintenance.

medium brown waterproof rigid vinyl plank floor in kitchen with green cabinets and island plus black metal bar stools with light wood seats and dog bowls on floor and round white dining table and black metal chairs
This kitchen has modern farmhouse style with the hardwood flooring feel of CoreLuxe Brazilian Ironwood Waterproof Rigid Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl Types

Luxury Vinyl Plank
Both long-lasting and easy to install, luxury vinyl plank are a smart choice for any room in your home. What's more, this type of flooring is waterproof and scratch-resistant. You can use waterproof vinyl plank in rooms with high humidity, including kitchens and bathrooms, so they're ideal if you hope to achieve a seamless look that runs through every room.

layers of luxury vinyl plank


layers of click luxury vinyl plank flooring

Rigid Vinyl Plank
For a floor with the ease of installation that matches that of easy, click-locking planks, look to rigid vinyl plank. Like luxury vinyl plank, this type of floor is scratch-resistant, waterproof, and suitable for any room—even high-traffic areas like mudrooms and entranceways.

layers of rigid vinyl plank flooring with pad attached

Peel and Stick Vinyl Plank
Perhaps the easiest to install of almost all floor options, peel and stick vinyl plank are simple to lay and come in several wood finishes.

layers of peel and stick vinyl plank flooring

Properties of Vinyl Plank

No matter what type of vinyl floor you choose, you can rest assured that it's one of the most hard-wearing flooring materials on the market today. All types of vinyl plank are scratch- and stain-resistant, which means they can hold up well for years to come, even in spaces with plenty of foot traffic, kids' games, and doggie footprints.

Whether you have kids and pets at home or not, you'll gain peace of mind with vinyl flooring. All types are waterproof, which means you won't need to worry about splashes and spills ruining your new floor. Install vinyl in any area of your home, including bathrooms, kitchens, or mudrooms.

Not only is vinyl plank flooring comfortable underfoot, scratch and dent resistant, and waterproof, but it's a cost-effective choice too.

From classic wood-look planks in Scandinavian-style blonde wood like Hunter Valley Ash to stylish stone-look finishes and dramatic dark and moody Mt. Madison Oak, you'll be surprised at the wide range of colors and finishes available when it comes to vinyl floors. You can even choose parquet-style chevron planks or eye-catching oyster shell travertine, with a finish so realistic it's tough to tell the difference between them and the real thing.

blonde waterproof rigid vinyl plank flooring in bedroom with beige upholstered headboard and cream bedding with sage green throw and flower rattan chair plus white side table
CoreLuxe Hunter Valley Ash Waterproof Rigid Vinyl Plank Flooring

In this video, a maple-look rigid vinyl plank saved the day while providing hardwood floor look and feel for the basement decor..

Vinyl Floor Installation

Depending on the type of vinyl floor you choose, you might feel confident in installing your new floor yourself or be more comfortable getting the assistance of a professional. Some types require the application of a flooring adhesive, so can be slightly more time-consuming to install than a ready-to-go product like peel and stick, which as the name suggests, comes with an adhesive backing that's ready to go. Most of LL Flooring's luxury vinyl planks and rigid vinyl planks come with an easy float and click system, while other types require an LL Flooring approved glue and additional nails to provide a seamless and long-lasting finish. You can install vinyl floors in any room and know that they'll offer great versatility.

Installation Considerations and Maintenance

To finish your flooring project to the best standard, you will likely need some additional finishing touches. Baseboards and quarter round or T-moldings, which help bridge the gap between the wall and the floor, allow a smooth transition between rooms and create a uniform look throughout each floor of the house. Before installing any new floor, ensure that the subfloor is level, clean, dry, and free of any lumps and bumps. For a better finish with less movement underfoot, we recommend that you use an underlayment before laying down your floor. From adhesives to baseboards, LL Flooring stocks everything you might need to finish your project to the highest standard. As mentioned above, vinyl planks are waterproof and withstand wet mopping with no trouble.

Browse the extensive range of vinyl planks available at LL Flooring to find the perfect color and style combination for you, and check out our installation guides, project planning and maintenance tips and design guides for more information on achieving the look of your dreams and how to lay a vinyl plank floor in your home successfully.


Customers choose between vinyl and laminate flooring
Customers choose between vinyl and laminate flooring at an LL Flooring Store.


Vinyl Flooring Buying Fact Sheet

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