It’s time for a change, and our style experts can help. We’ve compiled this season’s style-driving themes and given you the tools to make your space an on-trend escape. Discover the latest interior-design trends like open-air living. Read how handcrafted elements help you get in touch with your homestead roots. Explore the world of color and learn to style the new neutrals. It’s all here in the Spring Style Report.


new neutrals


The colors we use in our home have the ability to impact our moods. Bright orange, for instance, conveys feelings of energy and grabs our attention. Reds and yellows, meanwhile, can conjure strong emotions of power and passion, nudging us toward exaggerated speech and action.

 In this hectic, modern era, it’s essential that your home provides a calming respite from the chaos of the world-at-large. Calming, neutral colors like soft pink and muted brown create the perfect palette for a restorative escape—one that’s enhanced by a powerful association with Mother Earth herself.

 These new neutrals open up a world of style possibilities. On their own, natural colors can make a room feel brighter, larger, and cozier. As part of a whole, their understated character creates a “blank canvas” upon which other interior design elements can come together to create a complete aesthetic portrait.

 Neutral colors also present an opportunity to go wild with visually distinct shapes and textures, which are bound to pop over the tranquil backdrop. Suitable complementary colors can range from verisimilar shades and tones to deliberately distinctive accents like green, blue, or black.


homestead roots


the look of hardwood is the natural foundation for a space rooted in the comfort of simpler times

Connect with the outdoors even further by bringing in as much natural light as possible. Skip the window treatments completely to let the sunshine in, or if you prefer some privacy, opt for sheer curtains. It’s all about creating your own version of a peaceful English countryside, and the organic style and look of hardwood is the natural foundation for a space rooted in the comfort of simpler times.

Because of the recent cultural shift to focusing on the simpler things in life, interior style has found inspiration in homestead roots. Focusing on harmony with nature, crafts, and even sustainable farming, this aesthetic is a celebration of natural simplicity and the nostalgia of the traditional. The next evolution of farmhouse vintage, cottage-inspired style is a romanticization of rural peace, highlighting natural elements. Earth tones, like deep moss green or soft mushroom brown, and botanical patterns reign supreme. A floral print wallpaper creates a perfect accent wall, while modest, handcrafted décor elements like embroidery samplers, pressed flowers and baskets help to recall simpler times.


open air living


embracing the beauty and simplicity of nature by spending relaxation time

The outdoors and indoors merge with friluftsliv (pronounced “free-loofts-liv”). This Norwegian philosophy focuses on embracing the beauty and simplicity of nature by spending relaxation time outdoors. A counterpoint to the indoor cozy of hygge, friluftsliv translates to “open air living” and is all about finding comfort in natural, outdoor spaces.

To bring open air style to your home, highlight natural colors and textures, plants, and sustainable materials. Leading paint manufacturers have all named greens their color of the year for 2022: Evergreen Fog from Sherwin Williams; Olive Sprig from PPG; and Glidden’s Guacamole are style frontrunners.

Being able to see the outdoors helps connect your indoor space to nature. If you don’t have many windows, strategically placed houseplants can help. There are tons of easy-care options that can bring life to your space, both literally and figuratively.

Open air spaces are curated to connect with nature, and while not necessarily minimalist, open air style focuses on only the essentials to help the indoors blend with the outdoors. Furniture and décor is also softer, with features like rounded corners.

essentials to help the indoors blend with the outdoors