Natural Splendor of Solid Hardwood

It's Long-Lasting

More than just beauty on the surface, hardwood floors are rugged to the core. While they may vary in density, the wood species used in hardwood flooring are known for their longevity, and with proper care, they can last you decades. Additionally, these floors are easy to maintain—with a broom, dust mop, and periodic wood flooring cleaner being all you need to keep their surfaces pristine.

It's Natural

Wood is an organic, renewable, sustainable material. As such, hardwood flooring has the potential to beautify your home with minimal environmental impacts when compared to other options. Because of their longevity, for example, wood floors use fewer resources over their lifespan. What’s more, the forests from which raw wood is sourced can replenish themselves at twice the rate that they’re harvested. This helps to ensure stable, healthy forests for generations to come.

It's Alluring

Hardwood embodies a tradition of striking beauty and peerless luxury. Having been a floor covering of choice for generations, it’s built up an unmistakable character—one that can conform to a wide range of stylistic and visual preferences. A variety of stains, for instance, can alter or accentuate the natural color of hardwood, with browns, reds, and grays being just a few popular examples.

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Bring the Seaside Home

Bellawood Artisan Shoreline Collection

The collection feature wide planks with a low gloss finish and wire brushing to accentuate the organic style of each wood species.

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Solid Hardwood Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring brings warmth and the beauty of nature into your home. At LL Flooring, explore a variety of long-lasting solid hardwood options that can ground your home in beauty for decades to come.

Unfinished Solid Hardwood

Choose unfinished solid hardwood if you want to customize your flooring. These planks can be refined with the finish of your choosing, or stained with a color that suits your space. Choose from a range of base colors and plank widths, in sturdy woods, and even a variety of exotic species.

Domestic Solid Hardwood

Domestic hardwood floors are crafted from wood sourced in North America. Find a variety of species, all of which are incredibly strong options. They're suitable for busy areas like foyers, kitchens and family rooms. Choose a shade of wood that complements your aesthetic—try light pine to create an airy, open space, or a darker wood for a cozy atmosphere. You can also select from our variety of finishes for a truly customized space.

Exotic Solid Hardwood

Our exotic hardwood flooring is made from wood sourced outside the United States, including a collection of species all from South America and Asia. Exotic hardwood floors come in a variety of shades, including light, medium and dark-toned wood. These species can develop a richer, darker finish over time due to oxidation and light, so keep that in mind when making your choice.

Distressed Solid Hardwood

Add character and charm to your floors with distressed hardwood floors. Techniques like hand scraping and wire-brushing give this flooring dimensional texture and an old-world appeal. This lived-in look can be an advantage, as it helps to mask the wear that flooring can acquire over time.

Smooth Solid Hardwood

Smooth hardwood floors offer a refined, classic look, which makes them well suited for traditional homes or more formal spaces like dining rooms. When choosing a smooth hardwood plank, consider the finish. A high gloss finish coordinates well with dressier styles, while a low gloss finish will feel more casual and better hide imperfections.

Explore LL Flooring's full span of solid hardwood flooring options to find the perfect style, texture, and finish for your home.

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