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Transform your room with shiplap and panels or choose from dozens of floors that are approved for installation on walls. With so many options, you can add modern-retro style to any space, on every budget.

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Wall Décor

From hardwood to vinyl and cork to shiplap, many flooring materials make wonderful options for your walls. They add a distinctive and memorable design element to complement your flooring and other surfaces. While paint and wallpaper are traditional options for internal walls, flooring materials are increasingly popular because they provide unique styles, colors, and textures. We use these characteristics to create visually appealing and striking walls. Here are some elements to look at when choosing a floor covering for your walls:


The color of a floor helps establish the mood and atmosphere of a room. Even the names of these colors evoke character and ambiance: coffee, driftwood, nutmeg, and more. You can often customize the color with paints or stains, or mix and match colors to create unique and personalized designs. Consider what mood you want to create in the room to help you decide on color, contrast, and shade.


The knots, grain, and other features in your wall décor can go a long way toward bringing your design together. They can take your look from sleek to rustic or enhance the formality of a room. From extra knotty hardwood to smooth-grain engineered hardwood to a stone-look laminate, consider texture along with color for best results.


When you choose flooring, you consider the product's ability to resist wear and tear. This is also an important factor for your wall décor. You should think about how you can best help your walls resist knocks, scratches, and other blemishes. For a playroom or workout room, vinyl and laminate are strong contenders as the most dent-resistant materials. Tile and bamboo are also sturdy options, better suited for relaxed spaces such as living rooms or offices.

Other Considerations

It's important to consider the type and texture of the wall you’ll be working on. It’s easy to install materials on walls that have little texture, such as those with an orange peel or skip trowel finish. For more textured walls—such as a hand trowel or popcorn finish—you’ll likely need a bit more preparation work before installation.

Our staff are here to help. To find out more about choosing the best flooring materials for exciting and unique wall décor, contact us today!

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