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How to Add Art Deco Style to Your Home

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Published on June 06, 2022

Creating an Art Deco Aesthetic

The Art Deco design style is almost a hundred years old and yet still inspires design enthusiasts with its clean lines, opulent colors, and geometric shapes. We take a look at what makes Art Deco so special, along with some simple ways to bring a touch of 1920s glamour to your home.

What Are the Origins of Art Deco Design?

Elegant and opulent but streamlined at the same time, Art Deco became popular in 1920s Paris and aimed to make the functional beautiful, with the use of modern materials and techniques. Its lavish use of color and texture was a reaction against the austerity of the First World War. It remained the dominant decorative movement through the Great Depression and the 1930s, right up until the Second World War.

In the United States, some of the most famous examples of Art Deco style can be found in New York. The Chrysler Building and Empire State Building are two of the most recognizable architectural examples, while the intricate exterior decoration of the Rockefeller Center and the shell-like interior of Radio City Music Hall perfectly represent the opulence of Art Deco decorative design.

What Are the Key Features of Art Deco Style?

Art Deco is characterized by a few key design elements. Geometric shapes, symmetrical motifs, bold colors, and the use of metal and wood in intricate inlays are all signatures of the movement. Chevron floors, velvet, crystal and 'new' materials like Bakelite are often found in Art Deco interiors.

How to Bring Art Deco Style to Your Home

Art Deco style is bold and eye-catching––there's no room here for chintzy florals or minimalist white interiors. Start from the ground up with a chevron-pattern floor, then add some rich textures with sofas, cushions, and curtains in velvet or silk. Walls can be painted or papered––if going for paint consider jewel shades like emerald, and for wallpaper think geometric motifs that use symmetry for impact. Decorative items in brass or chrome, like bar carts or metal and glass console tables, bring extra glamour.

What Types of Flooring Work Well for an Art Deco Interior?

Traditional Art Deco interiors often featured hardwood floors in parquet, herringbone, chevron or geometric patterns overlaid with sumptuous rugs. A solid hardwood floor laid in a chevron pattern is a beautiful thing, but is often time-consuming to get right. Nowadays, though, there are many ways to achieve the same effect without all the hassle. You can use laminate and water-resistant laminate flooring, for instance, where the chevron pattern is built into the plank's design layer. This will allow you to achieve the same dramatic look with easier installation and extra performance benefits. The option you choose will depend on a number of factors––the suitability of the material for the needs of your room, your budget, color preference, and more.

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