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Hybrid Resilient Waterproof Floors by Duravana

Duravana Hybrid Resilient Flooring, sold exclusively by LL Flooring, features dual-lock waterproof technology and eco-friendly certifications.

3 min read
Published on June 08, 2022

Guide to Hybrid Resilient Floors

Duravana’s Hybrid Resilient flooring is tough and waterproof while spotlighting the beauty of wood. This makes hybrid flooring a versatile, natural choice for any room, especially in the broad range of styles and designs that LL Flooring offers. It also provides dent and wear resistance, especially for busy families with children and pets.


woman exercises with weights on waterproof hybrid wood flooring

7mm+pad Urban Mist Oak Waterproof Hybrid Resilient Flooring


What is hybrid flooring?

Hybrid flooring is a combination of laminate, vinyl, and wood. Manufacturers layer these materials to combine the best features of each, such as the strength of laminate and the natural warmth of wood. This creates a sturdy, durable, and long-lasting floor. The top layer of hybrid flooring is the wood layer, and this gives it a natural hardwood look and feel while the vinyl and laminate work together to provide that added strength and moisture protection.

image of layers of hybrid resilient flooring

Is hybrid flooring really waterproof?

Yes! Duravana Hybrid Resilient flooring pairs waterproof planks with a state-of-the-art locking mechanism to double its water protection. This Dual Defense technology creates a watertight seal that prevents liquid from getting between planks and protects against splashes and spills. This makes Duravana a good choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. How does it handle everyday living? Hybrid floors have the same extreme level of dent resistance as premium vinyl, and 50% more resistance to wear. It’s kid-proof, pet-proof, and stands up to the toughest of everyday wear and tear. For families with pets and children, this flooring stands up to even the roughest playtime.

What does ‘eco-friendly’ mean?

Eco-friendly means the wood is harvested in a way that has a lower environmental impact. The wood in hybrid flooring comes with a certification from Forest Stewardship Council for sourcing from responsibly managed forests. These source forests are kept healthy, living, and diversified, ensuring the future of the forests. Duravana hybrid flooring is free from any polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and GreenGuard certified—proven to have low chemical emissions like volatile organic compounds (VOC).

What does Duravana hybrid flooring look like?

This flooring has the natural features of real hardwood, like its texture, grain, and color, with the added benefit of hybrid's protective wear layer. It comes with high pattern counts, so the grain designs are repeated as often as they are in other hardwood products for that natural look. They also come in species like oak and maple, and with the subtle textures of authentic and wire brushed graining. These features work together to give your floor that unmistakable look and foot-feel of hardwood.


What about accessories?

LL Flooring offers a wide selection of accessories for hybrid flooring. This includes important parts for all flooring projects such as moldings, grates, grills, stair noses, and risers. You can find exact matches for many of our hybrid flooring styles and designs.


Where can I install hybrid flooring?

You can install this versatile flooring in any room, on any level of your home. Because it’s waterproof, it’s well suited for bathrooms and kitchens. It’s also resistant to heat and can handle fluctuations in temperature well, which makes it a good fit for laundry rooms as well as kitchens. Its strong wear and tear resistance means that it holds up well in high-traffic and high-use rooms like entryways and playrooms. How do I install hybrid flooring? Duravana’s Hybrid Resilient flooring uses streamlined click installation, making it DIY-friendly. For tips on installation, watch this quick video.

While an experienced DIYer can install these floors, we recommend hiring a professional for installation. With no need for acclimation, you can install this the same day you buy and, once installed, you can set and forget because there’s no drying time. You also don’t need to add underlayment, as this flooring comes with 2 mm of padding attached for added warmth and sound dampening. If you’re taking the DIY route, be sure to get all the tools and supplies you need for your installation. While we love to see you, you don’t want to have to make unnecessary trips to pick up supplies mid-installation.



How do I care for hybrid flooring?

You can easily clean and maintain hybrid flooring by sweeping or dusting with a soft broom and cleaning with a damp mop. Use gentle, neutral cleaning solutions with a natural pH, as acidic and base cleaners will wear down the floor. This means staying away from turpentine, bleach, and ammoniated or chlorinated cleaning solutions. To prolong the life and luster of your floor, clean any spills or residue like salt from snow or mud from the rain.


Why shop LL Flooring for Duravana’s hybrid flooring?

LL Flooring offers only the best in hybrid flooring. We exclusively sell Duravana’s dent- and scratch-resistant waterproof flooring with its dual defense technology. Best of all, Duravana provides quality products with eco-friendly footprints. Explore our collection of hybrid flooring


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