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3 Basic Principles of Interior Design

Universal tips to design a room from the floor up and make the space uniquely yours!

2 min read
Published on February 24, 2023

Whether you prefer a home that’s packed with colors and patterns or an abode that’s more neutral and subdued, the basic laws of interior design remain the same. Once you have a handle on this set of guidelines, the world (or at least the furniture store) is your oyster—you can explore your own tastes and decorate how you please knowing that your space is balanced and functional.

Here are three basic principles of interior design to get you started on your journey to your perfect home.


The Purpose

Before you embark on designing and decorating a room, the first step is figuring out how exactly you want the space to function. If you have a family, thinking function over style might be the move for you; if you enjoy cooking at home, your kitchen should prioritize use while creating your style; the list goes on and on.


a child plays with her dog on light hardwood colored waterproof flooring

Determining how you need a room to function will help you make decisions down the line about furniture, lighting, and décor. You may like the look of a funky, modern couch or a moody, atmospheric lighting fixture, but if they impede on the room’s day-to-day use they may not be right for the space. Think ahead to how you envision the space serving you, then allow that to guide your choices.

The Look

Sometimes all you need is one good piece to inspire a room’s decor theme—a cool chair, a piece of art, or a unique built-in that you can center the rest of the decor around. This kitchen keeps it fresh by building around an airy, light green paint color. You can always change things up as you go, but starting with a guiding piece will help you map out the look of your space.


kitchen with light colors and light hardwood flooring

Starting with something timeless, like hardwood flooring, can give a natural, grounding element on which to build the rest of your design. AquaSeal's Medallion Oak water resistant laminate (above) has a lighter tone that plays well with light or dark colors in your decor, while providing organic depth with its unique pattern of grain and knots.

The Size

Last but not least, you’ll want to note the size of the space that you’re decorating, and find furnishings to match the scale. A massive sectional may look appropriate in a large, open-concept living room, but in a smaller room it will overwhelm the space.


a woman measures the space in living room

And the same goes with the other alternative: if you have ample space or tall ceilings, take advantage and install furnishings and decor that fit the scale. With furniture that gives your home space to breathe, you’ll feel more relaxed with room to move around. Take these ideas forward, and with every new style choice, you'll be going for what's right for you, right now.

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In this video, designer Heather Fox talks about choosing a hardwood to go with a modern style.



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