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Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

With unfinished hardwood flooring, you can stain and coat your floors exactly the way you want. Find a selection of unfinished hardwood flooring at LL Flooring.

2 min read
Published on October 24, 2023

Hardwood is prized as a flooring material. Its strength and beauty, plus the fact that it’s natural, has appealed to generations. The variety of colors and finishes available also makes it a versatile choice.

But for those who want the ultimate personalization, you may be wondering—can you buy unfinished hardwood flooring? Sure, you can! Find out about unfinished solid and engineered hardwood and how to use it in your custom flooring project.


3/4 in. x 5 1/8 in. Select Heart Pine Unfinished Solid Hardwood Flooring


Unfinished Hardwood—Untouched Beauty

Solid hardwood is a single piece of wood through and through, so when it’s unfinished, you get its natural beauty in its rawest form. Engineered unfinished hardwood with solid hardwood veneer offers the same natural detail. Whether solid or engineered, the striking differences in grain patterns and colors between species will be on full display.

But the beauty and versatility of hardwood doesn’t just lie in the differences between species. Every tree is a unique creation, featuring colors and grain patterns as distinct as human fingerprints. You’ll also find variation between the heartwood—the inner, harder, and often darker portion of the tree—and the sapwood—the outer, softer, and often lighter portion.


All of this leads to a floor as distinct as the tree that produced it.


Can Unfinished Hardwood Floors Be Finished?

Absolutely! In fact, unfinished hardwood—both solid and engineered—are perfect choices if you want to personalize your wood flooring with the precise stain and sheen you want. While finishing a floor is definitely a task for the more experienced DIYer—or perhaps left to professionals—this option offers a number of benefits.

With the hundreds of finishes available in the market, you can more precisely match existing flooring or find the perfect complement to your other décor. Professional independent contractors could use techniques such as wire brushing to create a distressed look before finishing. For the true artist, an unfinished floor will allow more flexibility to add decorative flourishes like borders and inlays.


What Unfinished Options Are Available?

At LL Flooring, we offer unfinished hardwood in various species—from red oak to hickory to exotics. Each of our unfinished hardwood floors is ready to install and prepped for staining/finish. The color is up to you—or simply apply a clear protective coating for the ultimate natural look. You can also select from a variety of widths to suit your style.


Need unfinished hardwood for your flooring or home décor project? Get started by browsing our variety of unfinished solid and engineered options in domestic and exotic species.


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