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FAQ: Is Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?

When you've got a busy home, it helps to not worry about spills. Find beautiful vinyl flooring options offering affordable waterproof protection.

1 min read
Published on February 22, 2023

Yes, vinyl planks and tiles are waterproof. You can choose vinyl flooring to upgrade areas of your home that are more susceptible to spills and splashes. So, no longer will you need to worry about kids knocking over a glass of milk or getting rambunctious in the bath. Worried about pets? Vinyl flooring also provides waterproof protection against unexpected pet accidents. So, you can enjoy beautiful, natural looks throughout your home, with flooring that's tough enough to stand up to even the busiest of homes.

At LL Flooring, all of our vinyl flooring—Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP), Rigid Vinyl Plank (RVP), and Direct Print Vinyl—feature an advanced core layer. This core adds extra strength and resistance but also to dents and scuffing. Even better, vinyl flooring gives you all this protection and beauty at an affordable price, and installs easily using either click-float, glue-down, or peel-and-stick options. Explore LL Flooring's waterproof vinyl choices.


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In this video, one customer agreed to show his process of replacing water damaged flooring with a wood look vinyl plank flooring, including using the floor visualizer to choose which color he liked best.





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