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Wood Flooring Accessories

A new hardwood floor is a thing of beauty. With the right accessories, you can enhance that beauty and transform your entire space to showcase the timeless charm of wood. We offer a selection of wood flooring accessories—from baseboards to T-molding—that will complement your new floors and add the finishing touches you need to tie your décor together. You’ll also find tools and materials to properly install your floor and keep it looking marvelous.

Baseboards and Shoe Molding

All wood flooring requires a small gap between the floor and surrounding walls to allow for expansion and contraction in response to temperature and humidity changes. Baseboards will hide that expansion gap while framing your floor to give it an aesthetically pleasing look. They also protect the bottom of your wall from everyday damage from vacuum cleaners, furniture, and shoes.

We have baseboards to match or complement your flooring. For a more contemporary look, classic white baseboards are available. In the event that you're not installing new baseboard or need to provide more room for expansion and contraction, you can add a strip of shoe molding or quarter round to the bottom of your baseboard.

Transition Trims

If baseboards provide the frame for your wood floor, trims such as T-molding and reducers ease the transition to other flooring types. Use a reducer when moving to lower-height flooring or a threshold for doorways, or for transitioning to thicker flooring, such as higher pile carpeting. Install T-molding between floors of equal height. You’ll be able to find the perfect transitions among our wide selection of trims—from matching or coordinating pieces to eye-catching accents.


Why not carry your flooring up the staircase? Stair risers, treads, and stair noses that coordinate with your wood floor will bring a unifying theme to your home’s décor. As with all of our trims and moldings, you can choose from a variety of thicknesses and profiles to match your needs and style preferences.

Vents / Grills

We also have matching and complementary grills for your vents, including drop-in styles and those installed flush with the floor. As with all of our trims and moldings, you can choose from a variety of thicknesses and profiles to match your needs and style preferences.

Installation and Maintenance Items

In addition to the accessories that complement your wood flooring, we have the tools and materials you’ll need for installation and care. Browse our selection of underlayment and patch/self-leveler for preparing your subfloor. Stock up on flooring nails and cleats to install your planks and trim, and purchase a pneumatic nailer to make the task easier. To keep your wood floor looking fabulous, we offer hardwood cleaner, spray mops with microfiber pads, and repair pens for touching up scratches. We also carry felt pads in various sizes to prevent scratches from furniture legs.

Wood flooring accessories perform a range of functions. They can protect your floor, add safe and aesthetically pleasing transitions and elevate the appearance of your entire room. Don’t overlook them when planning your new wood floor installation.

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