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If you’ve got stairs, you’ve got an essential home element with aesthetic potential equal to the rest of your floors. Why not treat them that way, and take your stair style to the next level? Whether you’re finishing a project or starting a new one, consider your stairs and give them that much-needed upgrade. 


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Hardwood Stair Treads

Matching prefinished solid wood and bamboo replacement treads.

Box treads, left/right/double return or turnout treads are available.

Custom sizes, textures, finishes and unfinished wood options also available.

Retro Fit Stair Treads

Retro fit stair treads to match our most popular flooring styles including wood, bamboo, laminate and vinyl.

Retro fit solid wood treads are available.

Easy retro fit installation with no cutting or removing existing tread.


Standard thickness or retro fit thickness risers are available.

Choose your style by matching your risers to the treads.

For a more dramatic look contrast them with primed white risers ready for paint.

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Stairs and Treads

Updating your space can extend beyond your floors to your stairs, allowing you to carry the look of your new flooring throughout your home. Replace your existing surface or update carpeted stairs with new stair treads, noses, and risers. These three elements create a seamless, uniform look for your steps. Solid hardwood, vinyl, and laminate options are available, allowing you to find stair treads that fit your budget. Since your stairs see plenty of foot traffic, these options are all designed to hold up well under frequent use. Learn more about stair treads, noses, and risers at LL Flooring to find a design and finish that suits your space.

Stair Treads

Stair treads are the horizontal piece that forms the stair—the surface you step on. It needs to be especially durable since it sees heavy foot traffic. The styles available at LL Flooring can withstand regular use. Consider your stair layout when choosing a tread. A right-hand tread is exposed on the right side and finished on the left, making it suitable for layouts where the railing or wall is on the right. Conversely, choose a left-hand tread if your stairs have a wall or railing on the left.

Another important consideration is the depth of the tread—meaning the distance of the step from the front to the back. You want it to fit your current stairs, but it should be a comfortable depth. Treads that aren't deep enough can result in you missing the stair or slipping, which can pose a safety issue. Fortunately, you can find treads of various depths at LL Flooring, so select one that fits your stairs correctly and makes them comfortable to use.

Stair Noses

Stair noses round off the forward edge of the treads, creating a smooth and safe-to-step-on transition on each stair. At LL Flooring, you can find stair noses that include the tread to allow for one seamless installation. Stair noses also create a clean transition from the step to the floor, so be sure to choose a style that matches your solid hardwood, vinyl, or laminate flooring.

Stair Risers

Stair risers are the vertical element of the stairs, positioned at the back of each step between the treads. The riser helps you achieve uniformity on the staircase, so it's important to select a finish that matches the other elements of your steps. Although risers see less direct traffic than the treads and noses, they remain an important element of the stair construction and aesthetic.

Stair treads, noses, and risers are available in a variety of finishes, so shop with your flooring in mind. You can find light oak styles that create an open, airy staircase, distressed finishes that exude rustic charm, and medium and dark wood tones that bring a timeless appeal. Check out your stair tread options at LL Flooring.

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