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Simple Kitchen Fixes with Joanie Sprague

Carpenter and DIY expert Joanie Sprague offered up some insight into some (relatively) easy kitchen projects that can freshen up the space without requiring a full renovation.

2 min read
Published on November 05, 2021

Carpenter and DIY expert Joanie Sprague offered up some insight into some (relatively) easy kitchen projects that can freshen up the space without requiring a full renovation.

We hang out in our kitchen more than any other room in the house. If you’re looking to make some changes but remodeling your kitchen is not in the cards, or the budget, for you right now, here are some simple upgrades you can do without spending a ton of money or time.

Paint your cabinets

It may seem daunting, but a fresh coat of paint to a lighter, brighter color may be just the thing to liven up your space. I recommend taking the doors off completely, removing all of the hinges, and giving your doors and cabinet frames a light scuff before applying primer and paint. A paint sprayer will make the job even easier! You can find an affordable paint sprayer at your local big box, or hardware store for under $100. Pro tip: one gallon of paint can go a long, long way, but if you spray it on, you will need twice as much.








This bright kitchen features butcher block island top, blue and white cabinets, and Marbella Ivory Porcelain Tile flooring from LL Flooring

Install under cabinet lighting

I just did this at my house, and I am obsessed. This simple upgrade will make a huge difference and create a whole new space. LED lights are easy to install and usually just peel and stick. I suggest using a color similar to the light bulbs you’re using in your kitchen and in your house lamps. Ambient, soft lighting will make it easier to read your cookbooks and create a warmer, yet more modern atmosphere.








This gleaming kitchen shows off white cabinetry and counters, under-cabinet lighting, pull-down faucet and Rocky Hill Hickory Waterproof Rigid Vinyl Plank Flooring from LL Flooring

Change out your old faucet
A new faucet with fancy features can make using your sink more enjoyable, while giving your kitchen a modern feel. I love touchless models in a brushed nickel finish, but if your knobs and pulls are brass, for example, try upgrading your faucet to match. Make sure you follow the instructions on the faucet to a “t”, and if you think it's too big of a job, have a plumber’s number handy.

Add hanging storage
If you’re like me, and have very little space in your kitchen for your pots and pans, perhaps consider hanging them. I found some super cute hanging storage for pots online. Simply attach to the wall or ceiling and make sure you hit a stud. If you’re able to find a hanging system that attaches to the wall, this is much easier to install, and to repair the hole, if you were ever going to take it down.

Consider a peel-and-stick backsplash
If your walls are smooth, this will install very easily, but even if you have a textured wall, you can still get peel-and-stick to work. Simply use a spray adhesive directly on the wall and on the backsplash as well. This will fill the gap in the texture so that there is direct adhesion. If you’re brave enough to attempt a tile backsplash, make sure you love your countertop. Once a backsplash is installed over a countertop, the countertop will damage the tile if you were ever going to replace it.

Or what ideas are you interested in trying? Or do you have a simple kitchen fix?
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