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Rustic Meets Timeless: The Impact of Butcher Block

2 min read
Published on November 16, 2020

Butcher block countertops can give your kitchen a timeless, classic look. But fans will probably describe the feeling more. You might notice phrases like Unity. Harmony. Bringing nature in..

When award-winning chef Scott Hoyland, of the Blue Talon Bistro restaurant in Colonial Williamsburg, VA, needed counters for his home kitchen, he turned turned to where he could find the matching of style and quality he would be proud of. He didn't have to look far.

We were glad to help with the selection. LL is honored to deliver the skillfully crafted counters, boards, and island surfaces direct from the mills of Williamsburg Butcher Block Company.

Butcher block counters are made from extra wood pieces that are created during the flooring production process. These smaller pieces of wood are joined together to create a strong, durable, and beautiful countertop.

Because they are made of real wood, you can cut on butcher blocks directly, with no need for a cutting board.

After heavy use, cuts and nicks can be sanded smooth - restoring counters for years of continued service. Homeowners especially love the chance to sand & refinish themselves, with options to capture an entirely different color and shine if they choose, in a relatively brief DIY project.

Butcher block counters are also very easy to maintain. You can use a polyurethane sealant for a beautiful, easy to clean shine, or if you’re going to cut directly on the counter, mineral oil will protect the wood and provide a rich old-world beauty.

Call, visit, or virtual chat with a local LL expert to find the right food-safe, vitamin E enriched oil to protect the wood’s pores and help maintain the wood’s natural moisture balance.

Butcher block adds a warm, inviting feel to your kitchen, whether it’s the entire countertop or just an accent as the top of an island. It also brings a great value, being higher quality and more durable than laminate countertops, and vastly more affordable than granite or quartz.

LL Flooring tries to offer a variety of wood species, colors, and sizes. You'll need options to get the perfect look for your home. If you want to be even more creative, we also have matching backsplash pieces to further the design.

Williamsburg Butcher Block Company counters are supplied direct to LL Flooring, helping keep them the most accessible high quality surfaces available.

Whether outfitting a gourmet restaurant or remodeling your home kitchen, consider the example of a dedicated chef when beginning your search, to find a high quality surface you'll love.

If YOU choose butcher block we’d love to hear your story, and allow our customers to see your results and learn from your experience. Follow @LLFlooringOfficial on Instagram and Facebook, tag us and use #LLStyle

Contact the LL Customer Care Team at 1-800-227-4036
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Butcher Block Islands & Counters
Butcher Block Islands & Counters from Williamsburg Butcher Block Co.