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Floor Focus: Tile that Looks Like Wood

From stately and elegant to breezy and casual, there’s a color, texture and grain to create the atmosphere you want.

4 min read
Published on April 27, 2022

One of the benefits of hardwood flooring is the character it adds to a space. From stately and elegant to breezy and casual, there’s a color, texture and grain to create the atmosphere you want. But what if you need extra protection from the spills, dents, and other hazards your active household may put your floors through?

This bathroom has a luxurious oak look with waterproof Avella 6 in. x 36 in. Autumn Oak Porcelain Tile.
This bathroom has a luxurious oak look with waterproof Avella 6 in. x 36 in. Autumn Oak Porcelain Tile.


With wood-look tile, you can enjoy the beauty of a wood effect while also enjoying the durability that comes with porcelain or ceramic tile. So that soup you just splashed across your kitchen won’t send you into a panic. Just mop it up and move on. No need to worry about shower steam warping your floor, either. And rambunctious kids and pets? Your floor will be able to handle whatever they may bring, and continue looking great for years to come.

Using Wood-Look Tile Flooring in Your Home

With wood-look tile floors, you can complete a room in any design style you choose—from traditional to rustic to urban industrial. Our tiles have the grains look and colors seen in a variety of hardwood species, with some featuring a distressed texture to add an even more natural feel and appearance. Try our Avella Ultra Boardwalk Oak porcelain tile in a room with white shiplap walls and pastel furniture to create a relaxed space that echoes a seaside getaway. For a beachy feel that has a more rustic edge, you could use Montego Bay Oak tiles that feature a distressed texture and contrasting colors. Elegant Wood American Walnut will enhance any room with a sense of traditional elegance. Or, for a daring urban industrial vibe, Metro Concrete Oak combines the look of concrete and weathered wood that would suit a room with exposed stonework or metal.

Although tile flooring that looks like wood would make an attractive addition anywhere in the home, its practicalities make particularly suitable for the kitchen and bathrooms. For instance, you might want to continue the hardwood look from your living room or dining room, without the constant worry about spills. In that case, you could keep the theme going by choose a wood-look tile to complement the rest of your flooring. Porcelain tiles are practically made for bathrooms, with their high density and low porosity making them ideal for wet environments. With porcelain wood tile, you’ll get those benefits while also adding the coziness and character of wood to a space that can often end up looking sterile. Basements are also ideal places to enjoy the benefits of tile that looks like wood.

And don’t forget foyers, laundry rooms, and mudrooms. Why not add a touch of style to these often overlooked parts of the home? You can even use wood-look tile on your walls to surround yourself with stylish accents. If you’d like to see how wood-look tile might look in your home, you can order free samples to help you decide when you shop. Or visit one of our locations to consult with one of our flooring experts in store, or on the phone.

This open kitchen has a perfect gray wood look that is waterproof, with Avella's Metro Concrete Oak Porcelain Tile.

This open kitchen has a perfect gray wood look that is waterproof, with Avella's Metro Concrete Oak Porcelain Tile.


Installing and Caring for Your Wood-Look Porcelain Tile

You would install wood-look tile flooring the same way you’d install any other porcelain or ceramic tile—with mortar and grout. The difference is that you would lay your "planks" the way you would for hardwood floors, staggering the seams for a more random, natural look. Keep the space between your tiles narrow for a true hardwood floor look. As opposed to a traditional tile floor, you probably wouldn’t want your grout lines to stand out. So be sure to choose a grout color that will blend with the floor and spread it diagonally to ensure it goes deep into your joints. You want it to disappear and give way to the natural wood look.

If you feel confident enough to install your flooring yourself, we’ve got the grout, mortar, and other items you’ll need for this type of project. However, we understand that it's a big undertaking, so we also offer installation services to help you with every step of the process, including free in-home flooring estimates and full project evaluation that you can book online.

This kitchen features Avella 6 in. x 36 in. Cottage Wood Ash Porcelain Tile.
This kitchen features Avella 6 in. x 36 in. Cottage Wood Ash Porcelain Tile.


Once your wood-look tile floor is installed and you’ve fallen in love with it, you’ll want to do everything you can to keep it looking its best. Fortunately, cleaning wood-look tile is as easy as cleaning any other tile floor. Sweep or vacuum regularly, and damp mop once a week or so using a mild detergent or a tile cleaner. Be sure to rinse the floor thoroughly with water to prevent detergent buildup. When you’re done, wipe it dry with a clean cloth so you’re not left with any streaks or water spots. Avoid ammonia, bleach or wax and oil-based cleaners. And remember—these tiles are very hard, but they still can scratch, so avoid using steel wool or other harsh materials for cleaning.

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