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Designing for Everyday Luxury

Little touches of luxury should be built into your daily routine, not just an occasional treat.

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Published on June 14, 2022

Luxury needn't be out of reach or reserved for special occasions. Why not bring it into your everyday life by creating a space filled with comfort, elegance, and personal touches? Let LL Flooring show you how you can transform your home into a personal paradise.


Avella XD 12 in. x 24 in. Bianca Carrara Porcelain Tile
Avella XD
12 in. x 24 in. Bianca Carrara Porcelain Tile


How to Bring Luxury to Your Home

Luxury isn't defined by fancy decorations or material possessions. It's determined by how you feel in a space. A luxuriously designed room is simply one that is beautiful, comfortable, and elegant, meaning you can transform any part of your home into a delightful haven. Here are a few ideas to help you incorporate luxury in your home décor, even in unlikely places:

A Serene and Elegant Bathroom

Just a few touches can help make your bathroom look and feel like a high-end spa. Add tasteful vases and other elegant décor items to your shelving and corners. Bring in scented candles and steam-loving plants to create a serene ambience. Change out toiletry holders and trays, and even go further by upgrading fixtures such as your faucet or shower head. If you're decorating from scratch, we recommend starting with a marble-look porcelain tile floor that has the richness of Italian Carrara without the luxury price tag.

A Bougie Bedroom

Fabric choices can dramatically transform the look of your bedroom. Velvet curtains, for instance, can bring vintage-inspired luxury. Ornate borders and elegant design touches can also bring luxurious style to other fabrics. Use coordinating or complementing bedding to tie the look together. Then add accents like framed artwork and sculptures. Add drama and comfort with an oversized upholstered headboard affixed to the wall.

An Alluring Attic

You can even repurpose your attic into a luxurious seasonal storage space for your apparel. Install white shiplap on the ceilings to brighten the area and add depth and texture. If you have enough headroom, you could even hang chandelier lighting. Get creative with display areas for shoes, clothing and coats.

A Sophisticated Basement

Why settle for a "man-cave" when you can have your very own home theater? Bring in the plushest seating you can find and add flooring such as Hydrocork—a premium waterproof flooring solution that combines extreme performance with the sustainability and comfort of cork. Made from a renewable source, cork flooring is a natural thermal and sound insulator, so you'll enjoy the added quiet and coziness it brings to your space. Cork's natural cushioning is comfortable underfoot but also helps it to resist dents, which could be ideal if your basement doubles up as a home gym.

Choosing Flooring for Your Luxe Space

Your flooring is the foundation of luxurious interior design—literally. The type of flooring you choose can be an essential complement to your room's overall atmosphere. Solid hardwood is a timeless classic that can instantly elevate the feel of a space. You can also find beautiful hardwood looks in laminate, tile, vinyl, and other materials than can offer waterproof and wear-resistant performance for active households. Stone-look tile, particularly in marble designs, adds instant elegance to bathrooms. Try it in your laundry room, entryways, or even your walk-in closet for limitless luxe throughout your home. For your kitchen, try a richly colored wood-look tile to add cozy elegance.

Make Your Space Exceptional With LL Flooring

The limitless luxe trend is all about adding elements that express your definition of elegance. Regardless of your approach to this design trend, don't forget to luxe up your flooring. Choose from our wide selection of flooring options for your luxurious design project.