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The 4 Biggest Home Office Tips, Now That We Know

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Published on June 18, 2021
This high rise living room & home office shows off a mix of elegance and artistic flair, with Chestnut Hill Hevea hardwood floors from LL Flooring
Chestnut Hill Hevea Solid Hardwood Flooring




Reconsider what you really need from your #WFH space..

It’s been more than a full year of working from home. And in the process, you've been forging a new routine and carving out a new workspace. After 12 months of trial and error, it’s become more noticeable what accessories really make a difference in a home office.

Of course, you started by organizing a desk and maybe co-opting a cabinet for paper and supplies. While storage space IS key, it’s just as important to make sure that your home office puts you in the right brain space.

Here are a few ways to elevate the feeling and function of your workspace.

Connection Through Color

Working from home can be isolating. Depending on how your job functioned before, it can be hard to connect with the mission & meaning of your work when you’re not in close contact with coworkers to share in your victories.

Art is a great way to connect with that feeling again — find prints that represent your successes, mementos of past events, or just a piece that makes you feel inspired.

Be intentional about placing that art in your workspace so the feeling it inspires buoys your workday.

This colorful workspace is sure to inspire with artistic flair. This workspace features Eclipse Oak XTend water resistant laminate flooring from LL Flooring.
AquaSeal 'Xtend' 12mm Eclipse Oak 24 Hour Water-Resistant Laminate Flooring




Claim Your Space

Many people brought their office work home and realized they had no good place to set up. It can be tough to focus on work in the same place you eat dinner or watch TV. If you don’t have room for a permanent desk, look into ergonomic desk solutions that fold up for easy storage like the advanced Edge Desk System below.

If you don’t have a separate room to house your work, you might look into room dividers or screens that can help give you a sense of purposeful office space.

And the chair you sit in has a huge psychological effect on how you work. If you buy a comfortable seat specifically with the intention of working in it, that attitude will be reinforced every time you sit down. 


The Edge Ergonomic Desk System is ideal for space, with clear ergonomic benefits.  This workspace features Dewey Meadow Oak Rigid Vinyl Plank
The Edge Ergonomic Desk System is ideal for space, with clear ergonomic benefits. This workspace features Villa Bellissima Porcelain Tile from LL Flooring




The Right Light
Don’t just throw any old lightbulb in your home office. Studies have shown the importance of different kinds of light on your mood.

If you have a creative space, look for cozy, warm-colored lighting that will make your right brain feel comfy and warm. If you need to concentrate in your space, something more blue and bright will sharpen your senses.


This work from home space features warm modern industrial lighting, and solid hardwood floor from LL Flooring
Bellawood Select Red Oak Solid Hardwood Flooring




Plants & Water

Now that you have the best lighting, make full use of it. Putting a few plants in your workspace tends to boost mood and give you a greater sense of purpose. WFH is tough on routines, tending to your plants will give you a familiar waypoint in your day.

Keep a spray bottle full of water by your desk to mist your plants daily. 


This workspace nook near a kitchen features the addition of plants, with flooring from LL Flooring's Vinyl Flooring selection "Seminato Mist"
'Seminato Mist' Rigid Vinyl Plank Flooring with attached pad.




How has your home office workspace evolved since last year?

We would love to see what updates you’ve made — share your before & after using #LLStyle.

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