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Recommended Hardwood For Over-Concrete Install

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Published on July 01, 2010

Recommended Hardwood For Over-Concrete Install

What kind of solid hardwoods can I install on concrete?

If moisture conditions are acceptable, there are three types of wood products available for placement over concrete on-grade or above-grade, engineered glue down, an engineered floating floor or solid wood glued down can be used.

For below grade installation we recommend engineered glue down or floating floors (flooring not attached to the substrate), such as engineered floating floors and laminates. Some styles of engineered wood such as Builder's Pride, Bellawood, Virginia MillWorks, and Mayflower engineered products can be edge-glued and floated over padding. Floating floors are also available in a glueless click-together style. All LL Flooring solid wood is approved for gluedown installations.

When gluing to concrete solid wood should only be installed on-grade or above-grade. LL Flooring recommends using approved solid wood flooring adhesives and moisture barriers from Bostik or Mapei. Please review the product installation guide for specific details related to gluing to concrete, moisture testing, moisture barriers, correct adhesives, trowel sizes and so on.

LL Flooring Technical 4/2019