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Installing Bellawood Solid Hardwood Flooring Over Concrete?

Many homes are on a concrete slab and a big question we often get is how to install over concrete.

1 min read
Published on April 20, 2011

Installing Bellawood ¾” Solid Wood Over Concrete?

Many homes are on a concrete slab and a big question we often get is how to install over concrete. So I asked our great guys over at Tech & Install to give us some ideas on how to install 3/4" solid Bellawood over concrete.

1st method: Floating plywood subfloor system:

Concrete should be clean and level up to 1/8″? over 6′. Apply a 6mil mil poly sheeting over the concrete overlapping the seams 6 inches and tape with duct tape. Install a layer of 1/2″? plywood over the poly sheeting. Next install a second layer of 1/2″? plywood at a 45 degree angle to the first layer. Screw the top layer of plywood to the bottom layer. Be sure not to penetrate the poly sheeting with the screws. Allow for a ½”? expansion space between the plywood and any walls and 1/8″? gap between square edge plywood panels. Last install 15lb black roofing paper over the plywood and install the flooring over the roofing paper. When installing the flooring use 1 ½”? fasteners to prevent nails from going through the plywood.

2nd method: Elastilon underlayment:

Elastilon is a 1/8″? thick underlayment with a self adhesive system. To use this product over concrete you will have to apply a 6 mil poly sheeting over the concrete first, overlapping the seam 6″? and tape with duct tape. Roll out the Elastilon perpendicular to the direction of your floor installation. Butt the seams of the Elastion together (do not overlap). Next begin your installation of the flooring following Elastilons’ installation instructions. When using Elastilon cull out badly bowed or twisted board and add 15% more wood for waste.