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Should I add underlayment when there is pre-attached pad?

1 min read
Published on December 15, 2015

Is it necessary to use additional underlayment with laminate or vinyl plank flooring that already has pre-attached padding?

Laminate and some vinyl plank flooring styles that already have a pre-attached pad on the back will not only save you money but also have been tested for both sound suppression and support of the locking system - and this is sufficient for many underlayment requirements.

However for customers, condo associations, multifamily managers, and specifiers wanting extra sound insulation and thermal properties, underlayments such as our Bellawood Platinum, Quiet Walk, Eco Silent Sound HD, or cork underlayments are excellent choices for use under flooring with or without a pre-attached pad if additional padding is suggested within the manufacturer information guide of that specific flooring product.


Graphic showing joints that may be more comfortable when walking on padded flooring


Always refer to your flooring product's manufacturer instructions to determine if additional underlayment is suggested.

Browse the best selection of laminates with padding HERE.

Or shop vinyl plank, hybrid resilient flooring, or an assortment of quality underlayments at LL Flooring to learn more.


Watch this video to see one customer's review of QuietWalk Versa Underlayment, and a great demonstration comparing noise & energy absorption with and without added underlayment.


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