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Looking for More Sustainable Wood Flooring? Check for These Signs

Wood is a renewable resource that brings the beauty of the outdoors indoors. Discover more sustainable wood flooring options at LL Flooring.

1 min read
Published on November 01, 2023

With its unique grain patterns, subtle color variations, and rich texture, solid hardwood flooring delivers unmatched natural beauty to the home, making it a popular selection for homeowners. This source or production of this flooring can also be environmentally friendly—sourcing from sustainable forests or production with fewer chemicals to contribute to healthier indoor air. With many sustainable wood flooring options available at LL Flooring, you can select a species, finish, and texture that suits your space. Before you shop, learn more about eco-wood flooring and how it can benefit your home.


On the Hunt for More Sustainable Wood Flooring? Consider the Source

Wood is an organic, renewable, and sustainable material, making it a responsible flooring choice for eco-conscious homeowners. That's because hardwood flooring can elevate the look of your space with minimal environmental impact. Compared to other flooring types, wood floors require fewer resources over their lifespan—lasting decades, meaning they won't need replacing in a few years like other flooring options—making them an eco-friendly choice. Even more, the sustainable forests that produce wood for flooring can replenish themselves at twice the rate that the wood is harvested, meaning forests remain lush and healthy for years.


3/4 in. x 2.25 in Millrun Maple Solid Hardwood Flooring in living room with dark brown sofa and rattan armless chair


Eco-friendly hardwood flooring is available in many species, allowing you to select a style that's right for your home. At LL Flooring, you can find floors crafted with rugged acacia with visible wood graining, dense and robust hickory, or solid and sturdy white oak or red oak that displays the strength and beauty you desire. Engineered hardwood flooring delivers a similar look to solid hardwood floors, with a top layer of solid hardwood built on a sturdy core. Both solid and engineered flooring styles can feature textures—like wire-brushed, distressed, or smooth—a natural touch to the floors that showcases its intrinsic properties.

So, if you're looking for green hardwood floors for your home, LL Flooring has many styles to explore.


FSC-Certified Wood Flooring

Many of the solid wood flooring styles available at LL Flooring are FSC-certified. But, what exactly does that mean? The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has established industry standards for forestry operations to improve sustainability. Organizations that meet FSC certification requirements have proven that their forests and products are sustainably sourced and responsibly managed. As a result, when you invest in FSC hardwood flooring, which is available at LL Flooring, you're making an eco-conscious choice and supporting sustainably harvested forests.


Environmentally Friendly Hardwood Flooring

Your opportunities to positively impact the environment don't stop there. Go green by choosing eco-friendly wood floors that have other designations as well. Let's learn more about LL Flooring's GREENGUARD Gold and FloorScore certifications.


GREENGUARD Gold Certification

Volatile organic chemicals, or VOCs, are often used to manufacture building materials, including floors. However, they can negatively affect indoor air—serving as irritants that can trigger headaches, dizziness, and eye, nose, and throat problems. The GREENGUARD Gold certification seeks to reduce these VOCs to produce cleaner air.

Flooring that's GREENGUARD Gold-certified meets health-based criteria for chemical use and has lower VOC emissions. In total, GREENGUARD Gold-certified flooring limits the use of VOCs and contributes to healthier indoor air. Let's face it: you want beautiful flooring in your home, but not at nature's expense. Choosing flooring that's GREENGUARD Gold-certified positively impacts your family and the environment.


FloorScore Certification

Another way to evaluate the eco-friendliness of your new flooring is by determining whether it's FloorScore-certified. FloorScore ratings are the most recognized indoor air quality certification standard for hard surface floors. Wood flooring with a FloorScore certification has undergone a rigorous emissions testing process. Ultimately, to achieve this rating, the flooring must have low VOC emissions and contribute to healthier indoor air.


Finding More Sustainable Wood Flooring for Your Home

LL Flooring offers solid hardwood and engineered hardwood flooring that's FSC-certified, GREENGUARD Gold-certified, and FloorScore-certified. The result? You can invest in more sustainable wood flooring that has a beneficial impact within your home and helps the environment. Thanks to these designations, it's never been easier to find flooring that's as eco-friendly as it is beautiful. Ready to get started on your search for green hardwood flooring? Explore LL Flooring's solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring to find a look that you love.


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In this video, check out a concept from designer Heather Fox for a rental home using solid hardwood flooring to complete an impressive MCM look.



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