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Home Grade Level Chart

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Published on February 16, 2021

What is "grade"?
When describing the level of your home on which you'll be installing flooring, you'll often hear this referred to as "flooring grade". Typically, rooms that are on the ground floor of the home are considered "on grade". Rooms on any floor above ground level are consider "above grade" and those below (typically a basement) are considered "below grade". It's important to know where you'll be installing the flooring to make sure you choose a product that is suitable for your particular needs. See below for details regarding which floors are best for each grade level.

Chart showing home grade levels.
  • Above Grade - The portion of a building that is above ground level-i.e. crawlspace under a subfloor. All hardwoods can be installed.
  • On Grade - The portion of a building that is on ground level. When installing over concrete engineered wood floors or laminate wood floors work best.(Use of moisture barriers recommended)
  • Below Grade - The portion of a building that is below ground level -i.e. A basement. Recommended floors are Engineered or laminate wood floors (Use of moisture barriers recommended)

LL Flooring Tech and Install Team