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Buying Guide: Shop for Bamboo Flooring

3 min read
Published on June 03, 2022

A Buyer's Guide to Bamboo Flooring | LL Flooring

Bamboo flooring balances hardwood's best features with refreshing style options. Shop LL Flooring for solid strand and engineered bamboo flooring.

Bamboo flooring is a smart choice for many homes, thanks to its offering the beauty of nature with the organic style of bamboo and the look of traditional hardwood flooring. Discover the difference bamboo flooring makes and determine whether it's a good fit for your next flooring installation.

Bamboo flooring is a smart choice for many homes, thanks to its offering the beauty of nature with the organic style of bamboo and the look of traditional hardwood flooring.

This open living room has a rich, luxurious feel with ReNature's Portland bamboo flooring.

Engineered Bamboo

Engineered bamboo features a veneer of solid strand bamboo positioned on top of a core. This flooring features the same lacquered finish as solid strand bamboo, which means it's equally protected against scuffs and scratches. It's more economical to construct engineered bamboo since it relies on just a veneer of solid bamboo.

The core of engineered bamboo flooring makes it the more dimensionally stable flooring option in this category. Several constructions are available, including a plywood core that stacks the layers of wood in a crisscross pattern, which can make the plank less susceptible to expansion and contraction. A wood-based MDF core layers wood fibers that are glued together with resin to create a dense core. Other engineered bamboo flooring styles feature a stone polymer core that makes the plank water-resistant and more durable in your home.

Advantages of Bamboo


Bamboo flooring is an appealing choice for many spaces, thanks to the advantages it delivers. First, bamboo comes in a variety of finishes, which gives you plenty of flexibility in styling your space. Whether you desire a light and airy space or a dark and moody one, bamboo can deliver.


Bamboo has great toughness, which means you can enjoy these floors in your home for years to come. These planks can resist scuffs, scratches, and stains to preserve their beauty. Its sturdy design is dent resistant, too. Plus, these floors are easy to clean and care for, which can also extend their longevity.

Water Resistance

AquaSeal water-resistant bamboo flooring stands up to life's unexpected spills and splashes in style. With its special core technology, AquaSeal bamboo provides water protection for up to 72 hours, giving you time to clean up everyday accidents. Now you can have a natural floor in nearly every room of the house without the worry.

bathroom with water resistant bamboo flooring

This bathroom features AquaSeal's Toffee water resistant bamboo flooring with attached underlayment padding.

Bamboo Flooring Designs

Bamboo flooring is available in many colors and styles, allowing you to find just the look you love. First, consider the texture of the planks. You can find the texture that fits your needs—whether a smooth texture or distressed planks with wire-brushing.

Bamboo planks come in various widths, and the width of the flooring can impact the feel of your space. Wide planks exceeding five inches deliver a trend-forward, modern look in your room. With a wide range of widths—from narrow, to medium, to wide—you can consider a style to complement your overall design. And, a longer plank gives your space visual continuity and a clean look.

Bamboo Installation

The installation of your bamboo flooring is determined by the type of flooring you select. Tongue-and-groove floors can be installed with nails, glue, or nails with a glue assist. This installation method secures the floor directly to the subfloor. Other styles of bamboo flooring feature click profiles. This installation method locks planks together without nails or glue, which makes it more DIY-friendly.

Installation Considerations

Regardless of the style of bamboo flooring you select, you want to acclimate the flooring into your home before installing them. Proper acclimation ensures that your floors do not buckle, gap, or cup after installation. While there is no set time frame for acclimation, you can expect it to take anywhere from a couple of days to weeks.

Choosing Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring delivers the beauty of hardwood flooring at a lower price point. It boasts a durable design and a variety of finish options, allowing you to customize the flooring to suit your space. Shop LL Flooring's collection of engineered bamboo flooring to give your home an instant update.


Bamboo Flooring Fact Sheet


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