mini-Ligno DX/C Moisture Meter
mini-Ligno DX/C Moisture Meter
mini-Ligno DX/C Moisture Meter
mini-Ligno DX/C Moisture Meter

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mini-Ligno DX/C Moisture Meter
mini-Ligno DX/C Moisture Meter

Lingomat mini-Ligno DX/C Moisture Meter

SKU 10033560
$199.00 each

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mini-Ligno DX/C Moisture Meter

mini-Ligno DX/C Moisture Meter

The latest microprocessor technology makes the measuring circuitry absolutely stable and dependable for years of usage. The calibration is internally checked before each reading. We continuously up-date our species correction charts to allow accurate measurements of new species and newly developed engineered products. In the past years calibrations have been added to allow measurement of additional tropical species and bamboo. Moisture in sheetrock and other building materials can also be evaluated.

Convenient to use: 
  • Meter turns itself on and off when pins are pushed into the material, instantly the moisture percentage is displayed.
  • No need to press on-off button. True one-hand operation.
  • The lighted LED display is easy to read in dark areas.
  • More important is, the LED display is almost indestructible, whereas LCD displays sometimes brake when dropped. For that reason, we now give a life-time warranty for the red LED display.
  • The green cap is the cover and has a handy grip for easy probe insertion.
  • The attached cap stays with the meter and should not get lost.

mini-Ligno DX/C comes with 42 different settings:
  • 40 different settings for domestic and tropical wood species and settings for horizontal, vertical and strand bamboo, range 5-65%
  • One true sheet rock scale in %, range 0.1-7.5%
  • One reference scale 0-100
  • Measuring range is 5-65% dependent on wood species

All of Lignomat's electrodes can be connected:
  • Woodworkers use the Electrode E12 for depth measurement.
  • Contractors for new construction or restoration work use the Electrode E14 to reach into corners, abound window frames, underneath moldings, etc.
  • Meter comes with 2 sets of interchangeable pins, battery, wrist strap, pouch, laminated species card, manual and info sheet about moisture problems.

*Standard warranty is 2 years for meter and 1 year for accessories.
**Battery and Pins are excluded.

Warranty: 2 years (except batteries and pins)


  • Article Number
  • Intended Usage
    Residential Applications, Light Commercial Applications
  • CARB Relevance


  • Overall Thickness (Nominal)
    2.3 in.
  • Width
    4.1 in.
  • Overall Thickness (Actual)
    2.3 in.
  • Average Length
    6.85 in.
  • Maximum Plank Length
    6.85 in.
  • Minimum Plank Length
    6.85 in.
  • Box Weight
    .52 lb.
  • Box Width
    4.1 in.
  • Box Length
    6.85 in.
  • Box Height
    2.3 in.
  • Pallet Weight
    138.28 lb.
  • Boxes Per Pallet
  • Total Per Pallet
    189 EA

Warranties & Certifications

  • Residential Warranty
    No Warranty
  • Light Commercial Warranty
    No Warranty
  • Heavy Commercial Warranty
    No Warranty