Our Fall Style Report covers all the latest home interior trends and shows you how our floors can help bring style to life.


In this hectic, modern era, it’s essential that your home provides a calming respite from the chaos of the world-at-large. Calming, neutral colors like soft pink and muted brown create the perfect palette for a restorative escape—one that’s enhanced by a powerful association with Mother Earth herself.

“The new neutral colors are rooted in the organic world; the terracotta of natural clay, the range of greens in plant life,” said Jen Meska, Director of Merchandising and Style Expert at LL Flooring. “These natural tones help to make your home feel safe and nurturing, with a hint of familiarity.” Cooler colors, like the gray wash of Pasque Island solid hardwood, produce a relaxing ambiance, while warm colors like cream, blush, and tan create an inviting, comforting feeling. Don’t be afraid of a completely neutral color palette. A variety of textures and shapes can add visual interest, like faux-fur upholstery or abstract wall art.


Focusing on harmony with nature, crafts and even sustainable farming, homestead style is a celebration of natural simplicity and the nostalgia of the traditional. Homestead style, also known as “cottagecore,” makes your home a serene escape from the harsh reality of modern busyness and the intrusion of technology. To create this calm, rustic feeling, choose natural materials like wood and stone. A timeless hardwood floor like Character Red Oak creates a perfect foundation for nature-inspired style with warm, light tones and a full range of natural features, like knots, mineral streaks and variations in color.


“Vintage furniture is another great way to amp up homestead style,” said Jen Meska, Director of Merchandising and Style Expert at LL Flooring. “It adds to the sense of nostalgia, and, if you’re lucky, you can find pieces with botanical or floral print upholstery to help connect with the outdoors,” she added. You can also embrace nostalgia with handmade décor pieces like crocheted throws, embroidery samplers or baskets.


As we approach the winter holiday season, homestead style provides a special impetus to shift focus toward simpler times and family bonds. Heirloom crafts made by family members can add an extra special touch. Configure spaces to encourage connection; make your fireplace the highlight of your living room instead of the TV and position furniture to encourage conversation.


As temperatures drop, it can be a little trickier to embrace friluftsliv [free-loofts-liv], the Norwegian philosophy of “open air living” and finding joy in the outdoors. But, as we enter the cooler months, outdoor spaces can still provide the comfort we crave. Consider using a patio heater or a backyard fire pit to enjoy the classic, cozy feeling of a campfire on a chilly evening. Or, add a cushy throw blanket to your patio furniture to help combat the cold.


If you truly prefer the great indoors, you can still connect your home with nature by playing up natural light. Choose sheer curtains to bring in sunlight while maintaining privacy. Wide-plank hardwood floors, like Geneva White Oak, can help you bring the outdoors in by highlighting the natural beauty of real wood. Strategically-placed houseplants can also add a nod to nature. There are lots of options that are easy to care for, even in the low light of winter. A pothos plant, for example, requires only weekly watering and grows to create long trailing vines, perfect for cascading off a high shelf.