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Modern Design: The Birth of Simple Design

"modern" refers to an aesthetic inspired by early to mid-20th century trends.

2 min read
Published on June 07, 2022

Modern Design Explained

When we hear the word “modern,” our minds shoot to the present day. In the context of interior design, however, "modern" refers to an aesthetic inspired by early to mid-20th century trends. Breaking away from an earlier focus on decorative embellishments, this style emphasized simple form and function instead. A more neutral color palette, clean lines, natural lighting, minimalist spaces, and open floor plans set the stage for the functional minimalist designs we admire today. At the same time, this movement also encompasses the Mid-Century Modern style, which allows for more decorative elements.

Form Follows Function

"Form follows function" is the concept that everything should have a purpose and there should be no excess, even in design and décor. While this idea is a key element in minimalist design, it also plays a significant role in modern design. For example, a large, vibrant armchair would be replaced in a modern design setting with a simple yet charming straight-backed chair.

What Are the Characteristics of Modern Design?

Open floor plans are one key characteristic of modern design. This approach minimizes the hard angles and divisions in the room, and instead lets your floors and furnishings define each area and how it's used. For example, you could designate the dining room with a glass dining table and choose a water-resistant, wood-look laminate floor that extends the natural theme into the kitchen. 

If you can't change your floor plan, you can use natural light combined with neutral tones to open up your space, then bring it to life with pops of orange, teal, or chartreuse—all popular modern accent colors. You could also design your space to revolve around a statement piece. For example, a large wall painting could set the stage for a sofa set in a similar color palette. Such strategies express focus and simplicity, keeping things clean, polished, and uncluttered.

Creating Your Ideal Modern Space

Once you know that you want a modern design space, you have plenty of options to create the décor best suited for you. Flooring is an essential aspect of interior design because it has a visual impact on how a space is perceived. For example, light-colored floors and floors with wide or long planks further add to the perception of a refreshingly open space. Our AquaSeal Xtend laminate flooring products are available in light-colored wide planks with 24-hour water-resistance, making them ideal both aesthetically and functionally for modern spaces. Choose flooring in gray tones and concrete looks for a modern industrial flair. Bamboo, cork and marble-look tiles also work well with a modern aesthetic.

At LL Flooring, we have a variety of flooring products to choose from—including wide bamboo planks, long-length laminate, and marble-look tile—that can all help give you the modern look you're after. Be sure to choose floors with features to suit your lifestyle. Our Floor of the Year, Duravana Bay Bridge Oak, is crafted for extreme resilience, while the Visby White Oak engineered hardwood flooring offers water- and scratch resistance. Regardless of which type of flooring from our vast collection you select, you can count on the best materials to ensure long-lasting form and function to give you peace of mind—the ultimate goal of modern design.