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Industrial-Style Flooring for Your Home

The industrial style of design embraces the repurposing of old, recycled, vintage, or commercial items.

2 min read
Published on June 07, 2022

What Is Industrial Style Flooring?

The industrial style of design embraces the repurposing of old, recycled, vintage, or commercial items. Putting past materials to new use can highlight their unique character and charm. Industrial styling balances the lived-in and old-fashioned with the minimalist and streamlined to create clean, contemporary spaces. When you think of the industrial style, it is likely that you think of old barns, warehouses, factories, and churches that have been transformed into modern living spaces.

This style of design often involves converting old buildings into open living areas that feature large windows, unfinished wood, and exposed ductwork and brick. The inherent beauty of the architecture—whether the original flooring, brickwork, or high ceilings—is what gives the space its unique character. 

Is the Industrial Look in Style?

While the history of the industrial style dates back to the early 20th century, it's a trend that's constantly being reinvented. The latest take on the trend is uniquely American. It combines the vintage, unique, and modern in a manner that is certainly of the times. Industrial styling is particularly alluring in this age of repurposing and recycling, as it embraces historical places and traditional elements and gives them a new lease of life as a one-of-a-kind home.

How Do I Get an Industrial Look?

Expect color palettes that pair cool grays and darker black and brown tones with neutral accents. The juxtaposition between the rough and the refined takes center stage, such as with unfinished woods and highly polished metals.

When it comes to your flooring, distressed wood or wood-looks, rough tile, or wood-look vinyl are all options that help create the right effect. If you opt for wood flooring, you might want to consider choosing wider planks to highlight any distressed texture, natural graining or other unique detailing of the wood. Wide planks also help to create the open, airy, and modern feel that's key to this style.

One thing to keep in mind when designing an industrial living space is to be sure to balance out your warm-toned and your cooler-toned elements. For example, dark-toned, grained, and knotted distressed wood flooring can make a great platform on which to display silver-toned metal lamps with a vintage feel. Similarly, gray wood-look vinyl flooring planks could complement metal ceiling elements or provide a balance for red-brick accent walls. You can introduce pops of color with statement furniture or highly polished copper-colored lamps, for example.

The industrial style is a modern and chic design that embraces the antique and the creative. LL Flooring offers many differing plank options in hardwood, wood-look vinyl, and even industrial-style baseboards and grills to coordinate with this current yet time-worn aesthetic. We feature wide-width distressed-look planks that appear both modern but also original to older buildings. Smooth textured planks in cool grays, black, and brown tones complement the industrial style. Some of our beautiful planks possess characteristic veining and knotting that mirror the other rustic elements in your spaces. Explore all the ways you can create an industrial style with the options available at LL Flooring.