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Creating a Country Escape at Home

Explore the different types of country design that will make you feel most at home. 

2 min read
Published on June 07, 2022

Creating a Country Escape at Home

The best way to create a rejuvenating space is to establish a welcoming, comforting environment. This is where a country interior design may fit the bill. Whether you want a farmhouse aesthetic, a beach house vibe, or simply a touch of rustic charm, the possibilities abound. Explore the different types of country design that will make you feel most at home. 

What is Country Design?

Country design harks back to a simpler time when we lived more in harmony with nature—a lifestyle that can sometimes feel very distant from the bustle of the modern day. It might not be possible for us to drop everything and pursue a life on the open range, but we can bring a sense of comfort and coziness into our homes by incorporating design elements characteristic of the countryside.

When creating a country-inspired space, think neutral and pastel colors, offset with brighter splashes of yellow, blue, green, or red. You can emphasize the effect with vintage or rustic furniture and decorative features. Pieces made from brass, for example, acquire a lovely aged look that can help ground your room in a feeling of history. Natural materials are integral to country design, so wood plays a key part in creating the look. Wood flooring, furniture, and even wall panels can all be mixed and matched to create the effect of a home that's been added to over generations. You can then soften the look by layering on upholstery, rugs, throws, and curtains using country-style materials like linen or gingham.

What are the Different Country Styles?

Within the overarching theme of natural, simple aesthetics, you have plenty of ways to customize this style to your taste. Explore the various sub-types of country design such as rustic, farmhouse, coastal, French country, English country, and American country. Each stays true to the theme of a simpler, more laid-back lifestyle, but there are some small differences. You'll see more distressed wood in farmhouse design, for example, while a French country design might be centered around a tiled kitchen to mimic the layout of a French farmhouse.

How Do I Make My House Look Country?

If you’re looking to create a space that feels in tune with the outdoors, refreshing, and comforting, consider choosing a country design. Explore our wood flooring collections at LL Flooring to complement your existing wood pieces and features. We offer a variety of products made from solid hardwood and engineered hardwood, as well as laminate and vinyl that provide the authentic looks and textures of different wood species but with different performance benefits. Many types of flooring offer scratch-resistant or water-resistant finishes to ensure their beauty for years to come. 

Going for a traditional look? Check out popular dark-colored floors such as the water-resistant AquaSeal Copper Ridge Chestnut laminate or our solid hardwood Pioneer Leather Hickory. For a modern or contemporary touch, take a look at lighter-colored floors like our hybrid Duravana Bay Bridge Oak—our floor of the year—or Bellawood Artisan Claire Gardens Oak engineered hardwood.

High-quality wood features can be extended into other areas of your space. Consider using our flooring as wall panels in the den or bedroom. We also offer a variety of natural hardwood butcher blocks for kitchen backsplashes, countertops, and island tops.

Stone and ceramic can also add a charming ambiance when complemented with other countryside aesthetics. Be sure to check out our tile collection and see if there’s a fit for your vision.

From the ruggedness of the backwoods to the soft, breeziness of the coast, country design covers a variety of options that will suit your style. Check out LL Flooring’s collections to see how your dream of a simple life can become your reality.